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08 March 2023

IoPPN staff take part in Global Day of Service 2023

On Friday 3rd March, staff from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) took part in a tree-planting volunteering event as part of the King’s Global Day of Service to celebrate the recent King’s Climate & Sustainability Month.

IoPPN day of service

A group of 30 staff and students across King’s came together to plant trees on the King’s Sport Honor Oak Park Sports Ground in South-East London. Donning gardening gloves, shovels and wheelbarrows, the team planted an impressive 200 tree saplings of different varieties, including hawthorn, cherry plum, buckthorn and hornbeam. The team spent time working towards a shared goal and networking while outdoors in a green space, which has proven mental health benefits.

The event was led by Nicola Hogan from King's Sustainability Team, who explained how to check on the welfare of existing saplings and how to plant fresh seedlings; surrounding the roots with fresh compost, propping with bamboo stakes and covering with a protective sheath or tree protector. This not only ensures the seedlings get past the vulnerable seedling and sapling stages, but also enhances growth rates. Aftercare of the seedlings will be important to ensure they take root and grow. This will involve allocating sustainability champions to water the saplings and check on them in the coming months.  

The old adage ‘You reap what you sow’, is especially true for tree planting. Action taken today, is rewarded for years to come.

Dr Nicola Hogan, Sustainability Manager (Operations), King's College London
Newly planted tree saplings, King's Sport Ground, Honor Oak

Each year in March – to mark the day King’s was founded on 25 March – students, staff and alumni take part in volunteering activities across the world for King’s Global Day of Service. Volunteering during King’s Global Day of Service helps make a difference in our local, national and international communities. Join King’s Global Day of Service and make a difference this March; volunteering activities throughout the month can contribute to our total volunteering hours and demonstrate the positive impact that the King’s community has in the world.

King’s Volunteering, launched in June 2022, is a new volunteering service for King’s which aims to connect students and staff with organisations and causes that are important to them. Whether it is the environment, education or mental health, there’s something for everyone.

If you are interested in opportunities and building connections with people and organisations that are driving positive change in our local, national and international communities, sign up to King’s Volunteering to connect, discover and make a difference.

If you are keen to learn more about climate & sustainability, you can take the open-access, interdisciplinary, co-created KEATS Sustainability & Climate Module and/or attend the Sustainability Seminar Series. If you are ready to take more action, then please join the King’s Climate Action Network. If you’re just keen to see what sustainability events are happening at King’s, or in the London area, sign up to the Sustainability Newsletter and follow the Sustainability teams on their Social Media accounts – Twitter , Instagram and Facebook.