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20 September 2022

Introducing King's Sport & Wellness

King's Sport & Wellness

King’s Sport has changed its name to King’s Sport & Wellness. This new name more accurately reflects what the department delivers to the King’s and wider community, connecting with them to find their personal best.

Yoga class

Since 2012, the department has been known as King’s Sport, growing from a single gym at Waterloo, to now operating 5 gyms across London, 2 Sports Grounds, sector leading Performance programme and award-winning Physical and Digital Activity programmes across all campuses and residences.

In addition to the above we also run multiple wellness programmes and projects, including the Active Wellness Scheme, Wellness programmes in residences and holistic support for staff.

Within our ever-developing team, we now employ 3 wellness coordinators and a wellness coach.

King's Runners x Adidas Run Group

In recognition of the evolution of the delivery of the Department and to realise our potential to further contribute strategically across several institutional priorities; notably in health promotion, uniting community and enabling excellence, the department will now be known as King’s Sport and Wellness.

Wellness is the optimisation of person’s potential and can be achieved in a wide variety of ways.

Whether it be physical, mental, social or holistic wellness, we aim to grow engagement in positive, proactive, preventative programmes and services that connect with our community to find their personal best.

The change to Sport and Wellness, is a really positive and significant advancement for both the Department and the University. With the increasing recognition of the connection between physical, mental and social wellness and King’s role in leading in this field of research, we can co-create a unique, world-class service to unite our community. Our vision for the future is to connect with staff and students to find their personal best and to optimise their potential, through our delivery and in our facilities. We will champion inclusion, inspire, innovate and advocate on the connection of mind and body - it’s essential role in achieving individual aspirations at King’s and creating positive healthy life behaviours.

Anthony Currie-Webb, Head of King's Sport & Wellness

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