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Performance Sport

University Sports Scholarships

From Olympic Gold Medallists to the Fastest Woman in Britain, many great athletes have walked King's halls.

King’s strives to achieve excellence in all that it does; to support sporting excellence, as part of our Performance Sport programme, King’s Sport has established Performance scholarships to identify and advance the University’s most talented individual student athletes and sports teams.

Levels of Scholarship Support

Grant: £1000

Criteria: Athletes who currently compete at an international or national representative level in a senior or development squad or in a national semi-professional / professional sports club or competition with a commitment to also contributing to King’s Sport.

Grant: £500

Criteria: Athletes who compete or have previously competed at a national youth representative level or equivalent and/or compete in the highest standards of BUCS or other national-level sports competition, with a commitment to also contributing to King’s Sport.

Grant: n.a.

Criteria: Athletes who compete in the highest standards of BUCS or other national-level sports competition, with a clear commitment to contributing to King’s Sport and continue advancing personal performance.




Application and Details

Official Performance Document

Performance Document

Find out more in the official document for the King's Sport Performance programme.

Performance Scholarship Support and Benefits 

Athletic Support

Strength and Conditioning

World class, knowledgeable and experienced strength and conditioning coaches with the ability to coach all sports

Performance Nutrition

Comprehensive nutritional support including: food diary analysis, macronutrient timing, recipe cards & budget shopping advice.

Gym Access 

Access to all three King's Sport Gyms - including free weights, cardio equipment, studio, spin studio and all classes (pilates, yoga, circuits, etc.)


Consultation, guidance & rehabilitation programmes from world class physiotherapists on any major injuries.

Academic Support

Athlete Lifestyle Support

Minimize the impact and stress of lifestyle factors on your ability perform and adapt to training. Our wellbeing coaches are here to help.

Dual Career Support

1 to 1 help with balancing a healthy student-athlete lifestyle.

Academic Flexibility

In line with our TASS Dual Career Accreditation elite athletes are able to apply for academic flexibility when training or competition clashes may arise. 

Career Development

5 career development workshops, run throughout the academic year, to help employability following your sporting career


TASS Dual Career Accreditation

As a department, King’s Sport aims to be the Most Active University in London with our commitment to developing talented athletes reflected in our recent TASS Dual Career Accreditation.

Receiving this accreditation affirms King’s ambition to ensure students can succeed and perform optimally in both their academic and sporting careers through academic flexibility.

TASS Acreditation


Contact and Feedback

If you have any questions about King's Sport Performance and our University Sports Scholarships, contact us at the email below.

If you have any feedback or complaints about King's Sport that you would like to direct to the Estates & Facilities department, email the contact below.