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25 February 2022

Nanostrand newsletter available for download

Nanostrand is the newsletter for the Photonics & Nanotechnology Group and the Biological Physics and Soft Matter Group in the Department of Physics.

Photonics & Nanotechnology Group

Produced annually, Nanostrand showcases research highlights from the group's activities in the previous year.

Download Nanostrand

Download the most recent edition of Nanostrand below

3D cube

In this story


Reader in Experimental Nanophotonics

Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes

Professor of Biophysics

Professor Chris Lorenz

Chair of Faculty Computing Committee

Dr Patrick Mesquida

Senior Lecturer


Reader in Advanced Photonics

Professor Carla Molteni

Professor of Physics

Dr Eva Philippaki

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Physics Education

Professor David Richards

Professor of Physics

Dr Shahriar Sajjadi

Senior Lecturer

Dr Katelyn Spillane

Senior Lecturer in Experimental Biophysics

Dr Amelle Zaïr

Senior Lecturer

Professor Anatoly Zayats

Professor of Physics