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Theory & Simulation of Condensed Matter

Group Members

This page lists the members of the Theory & Simulation of Condensed Matter research group .

To call an extension, dial +44 (0)20 7848 and add the four digit extension number.

To obtain the full e-mail address add to the name unless otherwise indicated.

Academic staff

 Name Email Tel
Dr Francesca Baletto francesca.baletto 2152 
Dr Joe Bhaseen joe.bhaseen  7161
Dr Nicola Bonini nicola.bonini 7148 
Dr Geoge Booth george.booth  7077
Professor Alessandro De Vita alessandro.de_vita 2715
Professor Lev Kantorovich   lev.kantorovitch 2160 
Dr Evgeny Kozik
evgeny.kozik 1092
Professor Carla Molteni carla.molteni 2170
Professor Mark van Schilfgaarde (Head of the group) mark.van_schilfgaarde 7246
Professor Tony Paxton tony.paxton 7476
Dr Cedric Weber


 Research staff (postdocs)

Name EmailSupervisor
Dr David Abbasi Perez david.abbasi_perez Prof Kantorovich
Dr Eleftherios  Andritsos lefteri.andritsos Prof. Paxton
Dr  Gian Giacomo  gian_giacomo.asara Dr Baletto
Dr Adam Fekete adam.fekete Prof De Vita
Dr Ivaylo Katzarov ivaylo.katsarov Prof. Paxton
Dr Henry Lambert henry.lambert Prof. De Vita
Dr Savio Laricchia savio.Laricchia Dr Nicola Bonini
Dr Scott Mckechnie scott.mckechnie Prof. Van Schilfgaarde
Dr Herve Ness herve.ness Prof Kantorovich
Dr Dimitar Pashov dimitar.pashov Prof.Van Schilfgaarde
Dr Evgeny Plekhanov evgeny.plekhanov Dr Weber
Dr  Lorenzo Sponza  lorenzo.sponza Prof. Van Schifgaarde
Dr Martina Stella martina.stella Prof. De Vita
Dr Lianheng Tong lianheng.tong Prof. Kantorovich

Postgraduate research students (PhD students)  

Name Email  Supervisor
Robert Anderson robert.anderson Dr G Booth
Mohamed Ali Al-Badri Dr C Weber
Oliver Backhouse oliver.backhouse Dr G Booth
Debalina Banerjee debalina.banerjee Dr C Weber
Samuel Ewan Begg samuel.begg Dr J Bhaseen
Elena Chachkarova elena.chachkarova Dr C Weber
Stefano De Nicola stefano.de_nicola Dr J Bhaseen
Laia Delgado Callico laia.delgado Dr F Baletto
Rachel Fort rachel.fort Dr C Lorenz
Aldo Glielmo aldo.glielmo Prof. P Sollich
Duncan Gowland duncan.gowland Dr N Bonini
Francois Jamet francois.jamet Prof. M Van Schilfgaarde
Matthew Lane matthew.lane Prof. L Kantorovich
Connor Lenihan connor.lenihan Dr E Kozik

Carla Lupo


Dr C Weber

Francesco Macheda francesco.macheda Dr N Bonini
Daniel Tiago Matos daniel.matos Prof. L Kantorovich
Gerald McCaul gerard.mccaul Prof. L Kantorovich
Max Nusspickel max.nusspickel Dr G Booth
Christopher Orthodoxou christopher.orthodoxou Dr G Booth
Yannic Rath yannic.rath Dr G Booth
Kevin Rossi kevin.rossi Dr F Baletto
Evan Sheridan evan.sheridan Dr C Weber
Fedor Simkovic  fedor.simkovic Dr E Kozik
Edmund Simpson edmund.simpson Prof. T Paxton
Guy Skinner guy.c.skinner Prof. T Paxton
Alena Vishina alena.vishina Prof. Van Schilfgaarde
Tigany Zarrouk tigany.zarrouk Prof. T Paxton
Claudio Zeni claudio.zeni Dr N Bonini
Wei Zhao wei.1.zhao Dr F Baletto



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