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Dr Clemens Kiecker PhD
Clemens Kiecker

Dr Clemens Kiecker PhD

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Reader in Neuroscience Education

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As a member of the Neuroscience Education Department I teach both science and medical students in neuroscience, anatomy and embryology. I am the assessment sub-board Chair of Undergraduate Neuroscience and the Course Lead of the MSci in Neuroscience. My main research interest is how brain anatomy is built during vertebrate embryogenesis. Our brain is arguably the most complex of all organs, but it is generated from a single cell - the fertilised egg - through cell multiplication and cell type diversification. I am particularly interested in the formation of the circumventricular organs, sensory and neurosecretory structures that are located around the third and fourth ventricle of the brain and that lack a tight blood-brain barrier.

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Transcriptional control of forebrain regionalisation



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Key collaborators:

  • Prof Anthony Graham, King's College London
  • Prof Corinne Houart, King's College London