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M. Sudhir Selvaraj is a Majumdar Scholar at the King's India Institute where his research focuses on violence against Christians in India. He obtained his MA in International Relations from the Department of War Studies at King's and his BA from Concordia College, Minnesota, with a double major in Political Science and Global Studies and a minor in Business.

He is also a playwright. His plays, which explore political, economic and social conflicts in the South Asia region, have been performed in India, the US and the UK. His opinion pieces have been published in regionally focused publications such as The Diplomat, Asia Dialogue, South Asian Voices and India Abroad.

He co-edited a volume title 'Revisioning paradigms: Essays in honour of David Selvaraj' (Visthar Publications, 2015)


Thesis title: 'Forms of violence against Christians in India: The 2008 church attacks in Karnataka'

The purpose of this project is to research the understudied subject of violence against Christians in India. Sudhir takes the stance that a limited conceptualisation of violence, considered as the use of force to cause harm, is insufficient to represent the complexities of the situation of Christians in the country. Instead, the present project aims to study violence in broader terms, more specifically, using Johan Galtung’s typology of violence.

In addition to recognising three forms of violence (direct, structural and cultural), Galtung’s typology also provides a causal relationship between the three. This project will make an important contribution to the study of violence in India by shifting the focus away from Hindu-Muslim contentions and by studying in detail, for the first time, the state of Karnataka. Using Karnataka as a case study, where Galtung’s framework will be tested and extended, this research will entail collecting detailed empirical data in the form of reports, newspaper articles and interviews.

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