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Tanya specialises in wound repair and scarring, with a focus on cell differentiation and extracellular matrix. She gained her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa (Canada), researching ovarian cancer under the supervision of Professor Barbara Vanderhyden. Tanya then moved to the UK, where she began working on wound repair as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Professor Paul Martin at the University of Bristol. She established her independent research group at St George’s, University of London, where she worked from 2009-2014. In 2014 she joined King’s, where she is now a team leader in the Centre for Inflammation Biology and Cancer Immunology, in the School of Immunology & Microbial Sciences, and is a member of the Anatomy teaching department.

Research Interests

  • normal and pathological scar formation (namely skin scars, but also other fibrotic conditions, including fibrotic tumour stroma)
  • the architecture of fibrotic extracellular matrix
  • cell differentiation events in skin wound healing
  • cross-talk between the extracellular matrix and immune cells
  • common molecular mediators of fibrosis and pain
  • dermis development


Tanya teaches in the Anatomy Department, hosting lab and library project students, and acting as Deputy Module Organiser for the 2nd year BSc course 5BBA2021 Structural Basis of Human Function. She also provides significant anatomy teaching for dentistry students at King's and contributes to the Immunology MSc program through lectures and lab projects.