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Perspective: There's never been a more difficult time in the Care sector

Meet Caroline Deane, Workforce Policy and Practice Lead at Scottish Care who represent over 400 care providers and leads the Healthier Working Lives care sector engagement team.

Why is HWL important today?

"There’s never been a more difficult time in the Care sector. Things were bad enough post-Brexit and then Covid came along and the industry is struggling to recover. Retaining our senior, more mature, knowledgeable workforce is critical if we want to continue to provide the quality of care which is so needed."

What can HWL do that’s not been done before?

"The aim of the HWL Programme is to bring together the Care workforce alongside the entrepreneurs and innovators - to listen to each other, work together to tackle real challenges with tangible solutions. That sort of collaboration simply hasn’t been done before and we’re really hopeful that we will see some great results."

How can HWL change the status quo?

"It’s unlikely that HWL, alone, can change the status quo - but we believe it can be a catalyst for big change where, ultimately, the Care workforce are properly recognised - and rewarded - for the vital work that they do."

I’ve been a Care Manager responsible for the delivery of care at home services in Glasgow. In my role at Scottish Care role representing over 400 care providers, I aim to ensure that their voice is heard by key social care stakeholders making policy decisions that impact their sector.” – Caroline Dean, Workforce Policy and Practice Lead, Scottish Care

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