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The Centre for Arts and the Sacred at King’s (ASK) is a centre for research, teaching and public education in relation to the role of religion in the arts, and the role of the arts in religion.

Our focus on the arts is broad, and not limited to the visual arts alone. We look at questions of architecture and urban space as well as literature, music, film, dance and theatre. Our focus on the sacred is intended to ensure as rich an interdisciplinary set of engagements as possible, not prematurely foreclosing discussions when they do not obviously relate to one or more of the established religious traditions.

Located at the heart of the capital, ASK has proved itself a valuable resource for a range of major arts institutions in the UK, many of them our London neighbours. We continue to expand the range of our collaborations, bringing together scholars who have interests and expertise in the intersection of religion and the creative arts with those working in the creative and cultural sector.

Francesco Botticini, Palmieri Altarpiece, 1477. © The National Gallery, London
Image © Malcolm Park editorial / Alamy Stock Photo.

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