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The Earth Observation and Environmental Sensing (EOES) Hub is an interdisciplinary research group at the Department of Geography, King’s College London.

The group specialises in:

  • Satellite Earth Observation
  • Ground & airborne remote sensing
  • Unmanned platforms (e.g. UAVs)
  • In situ measures/laboratory analysis
  • Small sensor networks
  • Citizen science observations

These approaches are used within the hub to investigate environmental system and their functioning. The Hub aims to further develop both the underpinning methods of measurement, and to deploy these tools to better understand the environmental properties and processes of particular study regions or environmental cycles.

Hub members work across the atmospheric, terrestrial, hydrological and marine domains, and in both ‘natural’ environments and those heavily modified by human activity, including urban areas. The use of environmental modelling is key to many of the research topics targeted by the EOES Hub, and there is a strong cross-over between many Hub activities and those of the Geocomputation Activity Hub. Certain EOES Hub members are part of the staff of the UK-NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), whilst others contribute significantly to the King’s Geodata Portal that aims to improve the accessibility of certain public domain environmental data, particularly in respect of the scientific and conservation communities.

These and other examples demonstrate the commitment the EOES Activity Hub has to the appropriate development and exploitation of geographic and environmental measurement technologies, and the ability to apply these technologies in both pure and applied research contexts, including the facilitation of improved environmental management.