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Layers of Vision

Layers of Vision explores the experiences and perspectives of blind and partially sighted artists living in a world made for sighted people. In meaningfully co-created and joyful ways, Layers of Vision raises attention to, and challenges,the barriers that people who are blind or have sight loss are facing in everyday life. It does so by exhibiting ten artworks that celebrate and creatively explore accessibility.

Each artwork, in its own way, appreciates different forms of vision and features multi-sensory elements. The exhibition displays commissioned works by Aaron McPeake, Alice Christina-Corrigan, Bianca Raffaella, Clarke Reynolds, David Johnson, Fae Kilburn, Mickel aka Ebony Rose Dark, Natalie Doig, Sally Booth, and Zoe Partington.


Layers of Visions is a multi-event series, with the exhibition supplemented by a launch event, a meet-the-artists webinar, and two workshops aimed at museum and policy professions on accessibility.

Project status: Ongoing
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