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The Translational Oncology and Urology Research (TOUR) team aims to turn science into better healthcare by translating uro-oncology research into medical practice. TOUR is led by Professor Mieke Van Hemelrijck, bringing together a team of quantitative and qualitative researchers, clinicians, students, research nurses, trial coordinators, and database managers who are active across the field of translational research.

The translational research work of the group encompasses a heterogeneous set of activities with clinical cancer epidemiology at the core. Their unique multidisciplinary expertise and collaborations provide a methodology for researching prevention, early diagnosis and detection, treatment outcomes, and living with and beyond cancer. Their work shows how we need clinical epidemiology throughout the entire cancer patient pathway.

TOUR activities2

Moreover, Prof Van Hemelrijck leads Guy’s Cancer Real World Evidence (RWE) together with Dr Anne Rigg from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The programme aims to amplify Guy’s Cancer RWE data science capability and allow progress answering challenging cancer research questions. Guy’s Cancer RWE will drive world class patient centred research.

The TOUR team is also part of the Centre for Cancer Society and Public Health which includes five other research groups and jointly focuses on research related to the control of risk-factors and the prevention of cancer, the early diagnosis and detection of cancer and pre-cancer, patients’ experiences of treatment and care and inequalities in their prognosis, treatment, and survival.

More news on our recent achievements and activities can be found on our Twitter page.

An overview of all our publications can be found on PubMed.


Short Course in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute:

Clinical Cancer Epidemiology: From Prevention to Treatment and Patient Care.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, epidemiology has become a much better known discipline. However, in clinical cancer research, we need epidemiology throughout the entire patient pathway.

The course will introduce the importance of clinical cancer epidemiology while keeping the clinical impact of the discipline at the centre.There will be clinical guest lectures highlighting how clinical epidemiological methodology has led to studies of important clinical impact for people with cancer as well as discussions on different components of clinical epidemiology and how they interact with various other disciplines. There will also be opportunities to present your research ideas and get feedback from experts in the field.

Course dates

  • Friday June 14th 2024 (hybrid meeting at Karolinska Institute)
  • Thursday September 5th 2024 - virtual meeting
  • Tuesday October 15th 2024 - virtual meeting
  • Tuesday November 5th 2024 - virtual meeting
  • Thursday December 5th 2024 (hybrid meeting at King’s College London)

Note: Time zone is UK.

For full details of this course, please visit the course page.


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