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Centre for Cancer, Society & Public Health

Controlling cancer through epidemiology, behavioral sciences and global health research

Our collaborative work extends from cancer behavioural science, cancer prevention and cancer epidemiology, to cancer services research, health policy and global health. Our research concerns the control of risk-factors and the prevention of cancer, the early diagnosis and detection of cancer and pre-cancer, patients’ experiences of treatment and care and inequalities in their prognosis, treatment, and survival. Our findings contribute to the development of cancer policies and the organisation of cancer services both nationally and internationally. The Centre brings together more than one hundred staff working on 40 research programmes that have brought in nearly £60 million in funding over the last decade.

We have six Research Groups in our Centre:

Cancer Prevention Trials Unit; Cancer Behavioural Science Group; Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Services Research; Translational Oncology and Urology Research; Global Oncology Group and Cancer Screening Epidemiology and Biostatistics Group

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Cancer Prevention Trials Unit

The Cancer Research UK & King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit led by Professor Peter Sasieni is a core-funded trials unit bringing a unique capability to the CRUK CTU network with its focus on the design and management of cancer prevention trials. We aim to advance cancer prevention, early diagnosis and screening through clinical trials and other well-designed clinical studies by supporting investigators at King’s and throughout the UK. We evaluate existing screening programmes and study new technologies and innovations that might lead to new or improved screening programmes. The focus on existing programmes is how to optimise the efficacy and cost-effectiveness and minimise the harms of screening. We are particularly interested in stratified screening and the interface between population screening and targeted early diagnosis.

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Cancer Behavioural Science Group

The Cancer Behavioural Science Group led by Dr Jo Waller aims to better understand non-participation in cancer screening, the psychological impact of different screening results, optimal ways to communicate with the public about screening, and public attitudes to new developments including risk stratification. The research uses both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches, and online experimental studies.

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Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Services Research

The Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Services Research Group led by Dr Elizabeth Davies studies inequalities in the early detection, diagnosis, experiences of care and outcomes for people with cancer both in England and internationally. We use literature reviews, epidemiological analyses of cancer data, patient experience surveys and qualitative interviews to inform cancer care and public health policies nationally and internationally. Current studies focus on brain, breast, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers.

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Translational Oncology and Urology Research

The Translational Oncology and Urology Research (TOUR) team led by Professor Mieke Van Hemelrijck aims to turn science into better healthcare by translating uro-oncology research into medical practice. TOUR brings together a team of researchers, clinicians, research nurses, trial co-ordinators, database managers and students who are active across the field of translational research. The translational research work of the group encompasses a heterogeneous set of activities in the area of prostate, bladder, renal, and testicular cancer, covering both bedside and bench, specifically focusing on clinical and molecular immunology, bioinformatics, immunology, clinical trials and patient care and experience through the linkage with various biobanks and real- world evidence datasets.

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Global Oncology Group

The Global Oncology Group is a pan-KCL & NHS partner research collaboration led by Professor Richard Sullivan & Dr Ajay Aggarwal that studies global cancer care, research, and education to understand how these operate as complex adaptive systems and the development of complex, multi-disciplinary interventions for healthcare systems, models, and pathways of care, particularly for vulnerable populations in low resource, conflict impacted populations. We explore how society, technology, and political systems can deliver better patient outcomes with higher value for countries and regions within the context of equality and affordability in collaboration with colleagues at King’s in Global Health and Social Medicine, the Cicely Saunders Institute for Palliative Care, and the School of Security Studies. The GOG convenes the internationally renowned Institute of Cancer Policy that brings in a global faculty of research and policy dedicated to delivering more affordable, equitable and better cancer care.

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Cancer Screening Epidemiology and Biostatistics Group

The Cancer Screening Epidemiology and Biostatistics Group led by Professor Sasieni studies cancer screening, early detection, and prevention from a population perspective. Dr Lim leads the experimental epidemiology team designing and running studies of new technologies such as self-sampling for cervical screening. Dr Rebolj leads the observational epidemiology team using linked real-world data to evaluate existing screening programmes. Dr Falcaro leads the biostatistics team analysing complex data, monitoring national and international cancer statistics, and deriving new statistical methodology.

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Group Leads

  • Elizabeth Davies logo

    Elizabeth Davies

    Head of Centre, Clinical Reader in Cancer & Public Health

  • Peter Sasieni logo

    Peter Sasieni

    Professor of Cancer Prevention, Academic Director of King’s Clinical Trials Unit

  • Mieke Van Hemelrijck logo

    Mieke Van Hemelrijck

    Professor in Cancer Epidemiology, Director of TOUR

  • Jo Waller logo

    Jo Waller

    Reader in Cancer Behavioural Sciences

  • Richard Sullivan logo

    Richard Sullivan

    Professor in Cancer & Global Health, Director Institute of Cancer Policy

Contact our Head of Centre

Dr Elizabeth Davies, Clinical Reader in Cancer and Public Health