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Cardiac Care: Symptoms and Management of Heart Failure Level 7 7KNIM879

Key information

Subject area:

Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care

Course type:

Assessed Module

Credit level:


Credit value:



Available course dates:

From: 23 April 2024 To: 18 June 2024
Application deadline: 15 March 2024

Course overview

This module will enable students to become an expert in managing symptoms and providing care for patients with heart failure.  This will inform their understanding of the advanced management of heart failure and their ability to make rational, evidence-based and patient focused decisions.

What will I achieve?

This  module will prepare practitioners to identify symptoms and develop  expert knowledge of the management of patients with heart failure  in the hospital and community setting. Practitioners will:

  1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the physiology of heart failure
  2. Demonstrate an expert ability to analyse and interpret complex secondary assessment data and to discriminate between normal and abnormal findings in heart failure.
  3. Critically apply diagnostic reasoning to differential diagnosis and clinical decision making
  4. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of pathophysiology and its relationship to  symptom development  as well as pharmacology and therapeutics as they relate to patients with heart failure
  5. To have an expert understanding of the principles of clinical management as they apply to patients at different stages of heart failure

Who will I learn with?

Amanda McNaughton

Senior Lecturer

How will I be assessed?

Written assignment

What is the teaching schedule?

Term 3 -

23/04/2024, 07/05, 04/06, 18/06

Course status:

Course closed

Full fee £1600

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