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German Level 3, Part 2

Key information

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Credit level:

Not for credit


15 hours

Available course dates:

From: 22 January 2024 To: 25 March 2024

From: 23 April 2024 To: 25 June 2024

Course overview

By studying German Level 3, you will be able to understand authentic passages on familiar issues and communicate on a variety of subjects using accurate pronunciation and intonation and a range of language and structure, be able to read and summarize a limited number of authentic texts, be able to write more complex texts on familiar issues and have further developed intercultural competence.

What does this course cover?

Part 2


  • Migration; living abroad; where and what is home (Heimat)
  • Christmas and German Christmas markets
  • History of a city; memorial sites; the Duden dictionary and Konrad Duden’s biography
  • Employee expectations; job adverts; job interview; resolving conflicts in the workplace


  • Mediating between languages
  • Clarifying something by using examples
  • Writing a commentary
  • Summarising a biographical text
  • Taking minutes



  • Questions with prepositions (worum, worüber, worauf, womit, an wen, auf wen)
  • Während, wegen, trotz + genitive; adjective endings in genitive singular and plural
  • Relative pronouns wo and was
  • Negotiating a sequence with bevor…; erst…, dann… and asking for confirmation
  • Verbs with the dative and accusative
  • Diminutives
  • Strengthening or weakening statements with ganz, relativ, wirklich, total, absolut
  • Possessive and indefinite articles in genitive
  • Alternative conjunctions weder… noch; nicht nur…, sondern auch
  • Adjectives with -reich, -los, -voll
  • Nouns with -keit and -heit
  • Past perfect
  • Expressing alternatives with entweder … oder …

What will I achieve?

When German Level 3 is complete, you will achieve the equivalent of A2/B1 level of the CEFR, level 2 of the RQF.


*The above is an indication of content that may be covered over the duration of the course but it could vary depending on the level and progress of students in the class.

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Places available

Full fee £250

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