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Healthier Working Lives ;

Showcasing care trailblazers

Trailblazer entrepreneurs and innovators participating in the Healthier Working Lives programme. These are the pioneers and ground-breakers who will shape the sector.

Thriving AI

Thriving AI

Shain Khoja, Founder & CEO of aims to brings everyone involved in health care, social care, informal family care and professional care together to support independent living. Bringing everyone involved with caregiving into a private circle of care reduces stress, empowers people, improves coordination and communication thereby increasing better use of time, cost savings and greater overall satisfaction., a fast-growing business and part of Barclays Eagle Labs, aggregates fragmented elements of caregiving to a single trusted platform that enables frictionless monitoring, engagement, provision, coordination and communication of care. Meaningful community participation provides updates and connections to family caregivers to reduced stress and give peace of mind.

Insight: A huge difference can be made by bringing all the important parts of care together in one easy to use, straightforward approach.

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Symbiosia’s founder Esther Wiskerke’s ambition is to reset the UK’s residential social care system, that includes an HR model designed to resolve the social care staffing retention issues, creating a new paradigm by combining fun with care in nature. Moving into a nursing home should not be the feared.

Symbiosia wants to re-imagine the current model, re-organise how it financially operates, re-design the space, creating a thriving fun destination which is a pleasure to live in and visit, blending with its local community and geographical surroundings.

Insight: Early days yet in Esther’s journey but bringing together care for human beings with care for nature is a bold, ambitious and highly relevant ambition.

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Mydex’s mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control of their personal data and how it is used by them and others. Mydex’s strategy is to create, evolve and maintain a secure, trustworthy and convenient open personal data ecosystem.

Mydex’s are a partner in a taskforce assembled by Blackwood care homes to deliver the Peoplehood Project - a pioneering three-year initiative to create a blueprint for welcoming communities with age-friendly homes, supported by cutting-edge technologies, making independent living achievable and sustainable as people grow older, with safe outdoor spaces to sustain physical activities.

Insight: Putting the power back in the hands of the people can resolve so many tensions and build trust.

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PredicAire founder


PredicAire’s founders Vinay Patel and Ketan Shah have experienced both sides of care provision and born out of the frustrations of a highly-fragmented care delivery market. They have used their experience to develop the first holistic care management system powered by Ai.

PredicAire uses Ai technology to give care providers meaningful real-time data on their residents’ health and wellbeing and enable them to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes. Vinay has been named as one of the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech for 2021 and are supported by Codebase.

Find out more about PredicAire.

Smplicare founders Garret Spraguem and Alexandra Reissig


Smplicare founders Garret Spraguem and Alexandra Reissig are building a digital platform to bring peace of mind that ageing loved ones are living safe, healthy and independent lives at home for longer.

It makes it easy for Carers to track their loved one’s health as they age and the platform gathers health and wellbeing data from the answers to simple questions. They have connected their ideas to the world through the Venture Builder at the University of Edinburgh and are supported by Codebase.

Insight: Used properly, data can make life simpler and easier - allowing carers more time to do what they do best - care.

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Milbotix founders Zeke Steer, Dr Iveta Eimontaite and Jacqui Arnold


Milbotix founders Zeke Steer, Dr Iveta Eimontaite and Jacqui Arnold built on research at Bristol Robotics Laboratory, to reinvent wearables for people living in care. Their smart socks are designed for people with dementia and autism, and aim to predict agitation linked to distressed behaviours such as physical and verbal aggression. The early recognition of agitation can support pre-emptive interventions targeting the reduction of distress which may be helpful for preventing behavioural escalations.

Insight: simple, easy to use, intuitive and could make a huge difference in anticipating and dealing with difficult and challenging behaviour.

Find out more about Milbotix.

Peggi’s founder Glenda Devlin


Peggi’s founder Glenda Devlin knew the potential of reminiscence therapy for those diagnosed with dementia, including her Aunt Peggy. Glenda, a qualified social worker with 20 years’ experience in health and social care, wanted to equip other families with the tools that had improved her aunt’s wellbeing in her final years.

The Peggi app, designed using findings from clinical research into reminiscence therapy, has evolved into an award-winning app aimed at building connections and reducing loneliness. Peggi is supported by Barclays Eagle Labs.

Insight: a really effective idea which will help staff understand and empathise with patients and make working with them easier and more effective.

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TL Tech Smart Home Solutions founders Caroline and Thomas Laurenson

TL Tech Smart Home Solutions

TL Tech Smart Home Solutions founders Caroline and Thomas Laurenson are Aberdeenshire based and develop digital solutions that transform lives with smart home technologies to empower people.

Regardless of age, technical ability or finances this creates a unique caring and entertaining home environment. They have created Kindspace, a holistic wellbeing skill for Amazon Alexa, designed to track and improve wellbeing that raises awareness of key wellbeing indicators and supports the formation of new habits. They are supported by Barclays Eagle Labs.

Insight: understanding the key indicators that measure wellbeing and measuring them effectively can save significant time and resource.

Find out more about TL Tech Smart Home Solutions.



Bellevie co-founders Trudie and Violaine aim to create a new future for care and support work. Their vision is a future that works for both the skilled professionals providing support, and for the people and families being supported. The key to achieving this vision is to attract people with the right soft skills and values. The person-centred values of their Wellbeing Support Workers has attracted Innovate UK funding and resulted in a 9.9/10 rating on

Insight: focussing on the employee experience is critical to delivering high quality care.

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Umbrella Insight founder Louise Newman

Umbrella Insight

Umbrella Insight founder Louise Newman recognised that customers want, and businesses want to provide, a great experience. To achieve this, we need to listen and act on feedback - but to gain feedback we need quick, simple, engaging and cost-effective tools which led to the creation of Umbrella Insight.

The Umbrella Insight platform provides a holistic approach to feedback and loyalty enabling businesses to easily engage and communicate with employees in every aspect of their journey experience.

Insight: simple technology can be easily embraced by staff and make a huge difference, allowing them to really feel they are being heard.

Find out more about Umbrella Insight


AdaptEco have a comprehensive resource of pioneering technology companies, and advisory services within our specialist network, working collaboratively to build and deliver bespoke smart care solutions. A large number of care services are still using traditional analogue telecare as the main technology offer. This traditional approach to try and support the challenges of managing an ageing society and more complex needs has fundamental flaws;

It's inflexible, one size fits all approach, very often only allows you to intervene once a problem has occurred. Being analogue also presents challenges with the forthcoming analogue to digital switchover in 2025.

Christian Geisselmann, Director of My Eco system

Christian Geisselmann, Director of My Eco system

For a wide variety of organisations, the change from the forthcoming analogue to digital switch is a frightening prospect as traditional telecare and home security products will become obsolete.

Yet replacing existing systems is far from easy with a bewildering array of products on the market all promising to enable independent living and enhance personal security and the need to ensure interoperability between systems and across sectors such as housing, health and social care. This is where My Ecosystem comes in.

We provide high quality advisory and implementation across a breadth of sectors keen to make best use of assisted living technology to enhance independent living amongst older people and vulnerable groups. Our services are available to developers of housing and accommodation services such as integrated retirement communities, care and nursing homes and specialist accommodation provided by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).

We can also support local authorities and their NHS partners to design and implement leading edge solutions that interface with mainstream care management systems. The team includes consultants, assistive technologists, assessors and integrators with a very long experience of public and private sectors as well as housing markets alongside some of the very best and most innovative technologies such as NOBI.

Find out more about My Eco system.

Burns Gym

Burns Gym 

Burns Gym was founded by Tony and Joe Burn. Based in Glasgow, they have developed innovative active healthy ageing programmes specifically for care homes.

Their Functional Exercise Classes interaction via Zoom remove physical interaction with external visitors, eliminating risk for residents and staff in care homes. The workouts are derived from 35 years of coaching experience and in line with the CAPA (Care About Physical Activity) initiative introduced by the Care Inspectorate.

Insight: Home based activity benefits the staff as much as the residents

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