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Post-Doctoral Research

Dr Andre Cicalo


André Cicalo is an associate researcher at the Brazil Institute, where he previously was a Marie Curie IOF Research Fellow (2013–2016). His project, “SLAVHERIT— Breaking the Silence: Archaeological Discoveries and the Making of Public Slavery Heritage in Rio de Janeiro” was an ethnographic study of how public slavery heritage is being presently built in Rio de Janeiro, in the framework of urban regeneration of the city’s port area and Brazil’s current race relations. With a background in development studies and politics, Cicalo holds an MA in Anthropological Research Methods and a PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester, in addition to a post-doc in Latin American Studies at the Freie Universität of Berlin. He is the author of the awarded book (LASA Prize 2013) “Urban Encounters: Affirmative Action and Black Identities in Brazil (Palgrave 2012).


Research Interests

Race relations and national identity in Brazil and Latin America with a focus on:

  • Affirmative action in higher education
  • Census and ethno-racial categorisation
  • Heritage policies and public memory
  • Ethnographic film-making
Selected Publications


Cicalo, André. 2012. Urban Encounters: Affirmative Action and Black Identities in Brazil. (New York: Palgrave MacMillan). Winner of LASA Book Prize (Latin American Studies Association) Brazil Section 2013.éCicalo


Cicalo, André. 2015. ‘Fields of Post-Abolition: Labor, Race and Slavery Heritage among Coffee Workers in Rio de Janeiro (1931-1964)’. Revista Brasileira de História (RBH) 35 (69): 101-130.

Cicalo, André. 2015. ‘Those Stones Speak’: Black-Activist Engagement with Slavery Archaeology in Rio de Janeiro’. Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies (LACES) 10 (3): 251-270. doi:10.1080/17442222.2015.1087833

Cicalo, André and Simone Vassallo. 2015. “Por onde os Africanos chegaram: o Cais do Valongo e a institucionalização da memória do tráfico negreiro na região portuária do Rio de Janeiro.” Horizontes Antropológicos 21 (43): 239-271.

Cicalo, André. 2014. “From Racial Mixture to Black Nation: Racialising Discourses in Brazil’s African Affairs”. Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR), 33 (1): 16-30.

Cicalo, André. 2013. “A Voice for the Past: Making Public Slavery Heritage in Rio de Janeiro”. International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (IJTA), 3 (2): 170-183.

Cicalo, André. 2013. “Race and Affirmative Action: the Implementation of Quotas for ‘Black’ Students in a Brazilian University”. Antipoda, 16: 113-133.

Cicalo, André. 2012. ‘Nerds and Barbarians’: race and class encounters through affirmative action in a Brazilian university’, Journal of Latin American Studies (JLAS), 44 (2): 235-260.

Cicalo, André. 2008. What Do We Know about Quotas? Vibrant 5 (1): 65-82.


Cicalo, André. 2015. ‘From Public Amnesia to Public Memory: Re-Discovering Slavery Heritage 
in Rio de Janeiro’. In African Heritage and Memory of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World, edited by Ana Lucia Araujo. Amherst NY: Cambria Press, pp.180-211 (peer-reviewed book).

Cicalo, André. 2016. ‘Uma voz para o passado: a construção de patrimônio da escravidão na região portuária do Rio de Janeiro’, in História Oral e Comunidade: reparações e culturas negras. São Paulo: Letra e Voz.

Cicalo, André. 2016. ‘O Brasil e seu espelho africano: da mestiçagem à negritude ‘nacional’ numa perspectiva transatlântica’, in Relações raciais e memória afro-brasileira, edited by Mauricio Barros de Castro and Myrian Sepulveda, p. 63-91. Rio de Janeiro: Azougue Editorial.


Cicalo, André. 2016. “Other Africas: Unearthing ‘Afro’ Memories in Rio de Janeiro”.

Cicalo, André. 2016. In the Footsteps of Brazilian Soldiers in WWII: a Study Excursion by KCL.

Cicalo, André. 2010. ‘Memory on the edge of oblivion: remembering and forgetting slavery in Rio de Janeiro’. Manchester: Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology.




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