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Two young people watching a video with vivid colours as part of the 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?' exhibition. ;

A student's review of 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?'

Ava Belton
BA Culture, Media & Creative Industries, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

14 August 2023

Ava Belton, a student in the Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, reviews 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?'. The exhibition is on display at Science Gallery London, King's flagship public gallery, until January 2024.

The compelling exhibition 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?' at Science Gallery London explores the increasingly pervasive presence of AI in our lives and poses essential questions about how it will affect our society.

The exhibit effectively conveys the paradox of AI, which is both an accumulation of human creativity and a source of ethical dilemmas. It challenges visitors to reflect on how these foundations are constructed and if they treat everyone equally and with respect. Are we all recognised and valued by these AI instances, or are certain people marginalised and ignored because of ingrained biases?

As soon as I entered the Science Gallery building I became captivated by the prevalence of AI through the well selected exhibits, especially the predominant interactive pieces. The area of the exhibit that was most moving was the one dedicated to the developers of AI systems. It reveals the variety of brains that created the technology, encouraging viewers to think about the effects of industry power disparities. Whose viewpoints are given precedence when developing AI? Are the designers aware of the various experiences and requirements of the all the people they want to help?


AI Who's Looking After Me
Newly Forgotten Technologies by Wesley Goatley is one of the exhibits on display. (c) George Torode.

The exhibition's central concept of trust traverses through each work. I wondered what level of knowledge is required to put my confidence in these systems as I saw the broad impact of AI in industries like healthcare, pet care and dating. To what extent can AI truly perceive humans than just data? Can we trust AI's judgement when it comes to making medical diagnoses? For building trust, it is crucial to comprehend how these algorithms operate and the exhibition does a meaningful job of stressing the significance for them being transparent.

As the discussion regarding AI expands, it reveals many uncertainties of its futuristic prospects and how much potential it has for transforming our lives. The urgent concern in this evolving ecosystem is who will handle agency in this fast growth of programming and technology. Will it be a chosen few possessing concentrated influence, or will it be shaped by the collective voice of different perspectives? These thoughts lingered as I walked through the exhibition captivated through the stimulating works.

The staff were welcoming and helpful, and they readily provided further insight into the displays, strengthening the interactive components, and enhancing mine and other visitors’ comprehension of AI's intricacies. A few technological difficulties arose while exploring the displays, but the attentive staff quickly resolved them, maintaining a continual and immersive experience. As I left the exhibition I remained with a deep understanding of the revolutionary potential of AI. I was made highly aware of the obligations and difficulties that come with its incorporation into society while also appreciating its enormous potential to significantly enhance our lives.

Ultimately, 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?' effectively addresses the complex function of AI in our lives. It encourages self-reflection, sparks meaningful dialogue, and encourages for a future in which AI supports the common well-being, care and contentment of everyone. This exhibition serves as a crucial guide as we journey this modern landscape of AI, asking us to be aware of the innovation that can both elevate and challenge us.

I want to visit 'AI: Who's Looking After Me?'

The exhibition is on until Saturday 20 January 2024.

When: Wednesday – Saturday, 11:00 –18:00

Where: Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9GU

Free entry

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