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The Student Knowledge & Information interns posing in front of Bush House. ;

Meet the student interns working some 'magic' this summer

Alex Cramp, Sneha Ramanathan, Jasmine Lou, Fatima Kashtwari, Ama Dragomir, Leander Bischof, Dharshini Ramani, Henry Kaplan, Palak Lodha, Archit Bansal, Sapphire Francis
Student Knowledge & Information Interns

19 July 2023

This summer, 11 King's students from across different faculties are working as interns for Student Knowledge & Information (SKI). In this article they're introducing themselves, sharing their experience so far.

Alex Cramp (they/she) – Management and Modern Languages (Spanish pathway), Faculty of Arts & Humanities 

Hi! My name is Alex (they/she) and I’m the Student Community & Engagement intern. Basically, I’m working to make the Student News emails more engaging. So, if you’re reading this – thank you for making my life easier!

I have just finished my third year which I spent abroad in Madrid. I really wanted an internship this summer so that I could settle back into the London life and gain some experience. I’ve been interested in marketing and communication since my first year so I’m excited to have this opportunity!

So far, my favourite thing about this internship, apart from the free lunch we got during our induction, is how much input I have in the project. My line manager has been super supportive of my ideas. I’ve been able to explore how to solve a problem independently which has been very rewarding. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the other interns. We often have lunch together in King’s Kitchen and help each other on our projects – so the vibes in the office are very collaborative.

I’m looking forward to shadow people from other teams and develop my skills. I’m also excited to see the results of my research in the next couple of months.

Sneha Ramanathan (she/her) – MA in Shakespeare Studies, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

The lights fade out and a London summer breeze blows (an unlikely premise, I confess, for a King's mid-summer’s day). I walk into Bush House South East Wing glancing around and, voila! I behold my fellow interns for the first time (and now, I cannot imagine the internship without them).

'Hi. I am Sneha Ramanathan, an MA in Shakespeare Studies student’ I utter, ‘I am the Student Success intern’. The day brightened up and has not faded since­. Even during my fourth week when I am spearheading a research project aimed at creating a social media strategy for King’s to increase the engagement rates among current students; something which never fails to get me excited.

From sharing the chocolates cheekily ‘discovered’ in the staff kitchen, munching on food during the SKI socials, discovering fascinating intersections in our projects to discussing interesting stuff with the SKI team at King’s Kitchen coupled with the ever-so-supportive Anesa, my line manager and the SKI staff, there’s always just the right concoction of laughs, work and life itself. The minute I stepped into Bush House SE that sundry sunshine Wednesday marked the beginning of some of my best days at King's and, I am sure, during my next few weeks, there will be many more.


The Student Knowledge & Information interns inside Bush House
From left to right: Top row – Henry, Fatima, Dharshini, Jasmine, Ama, Sapphire. Bottom row – Palak, Sneha, Alex, Leander, Archit

Jasmine Lou (she/her) – MSc Neuroscience – Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

Hey! My name is Jasmine, and I am the Data Research Intern working with the Data Innovation for Student Success team.

In this role, I will be working on several different projects but I'm currently looking at developing some insights from analysing student feedback data. Ultimately, the findings will inform decision-making about how student services are delivered and aim to improve everyone's experiences as students at King's!

I've always enjoyed conducting different types of research – it's quite satisfying identifying potential themes and trends, as well as coming up with some pretty visuals from what was initially a huge and chaotic dataset. It’s also very exciting to know that my findings will have a tangible impact on student service delivery.

Starting out, one of the first things I noticed was that everyone in the office is super lovely and supportive. My team have given me a lot of freedom to explore different types of datasets and take ownership of the projects I’m working on, which I really appreciate.

It’s also been great meeting the other interns, all of who have such diverse knowledge and skillsets and getting to know about the types of projects they're working on. 

Fatima Kashtwari (she/her) – BA Liberal Arts – Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Hello there - I'm the Market Research Intern! My name is Fatima – I'm a second year Liberal Arts student here at King's. I study English, Film, and History and a bunch of other stuff. It's all very confusing and fun. As an intern, I work with Digital Innovation for Student Success, conducting market research to understand our diverse student body much better. I learn something new everyday about the different services King's offers to students, about student experience and how subjective it is for everyone. I get to create research proposals, build surveys, conduct focus groups and most importantly, create impact on everyday student life. Also, the air con's great.

Basically, I am working to make your virtual experience a smoother, simpler process. ;D

Ama Dragomir (they/them) – MA Conflict, Security and Development, Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy

Hey there! I’m Ama and I am a Student Content Management Intern, working on Lifecycle and Events – all the fun events and (very important!) mails you get in Welcome Week and around graduation time.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking and I agree: such a fitting internship for someone spending their days analysing armed conflict and strategic interactions. Well, when I don’t do that, one of my interests is communications and marketing and I’ve held several positions as Head of Marketing for different NGOs and conferences – hence why I’m here!

Though I only came to King's for my MA, I felt very welcome into the community. I thought that this internship would be a great way to test my fit for marketing and communications while also giving back to the King's community – and getting to know the behind the scenes secrets while I’m at it 😉.

The staff in the department are incredibly welcoming and they are working so hard to make sure students get the best possible experience. It’s great getting to connect with the other interns, spend time together and learn about each other’s projects. I’m very happy to be part of such a creative and mission-driven team and I’m excited to continue working on the campaigns and my research project. 

Jasmine, Henry, Alex, Dharshini and Ama sitting at their desks and chatting.

Leander Bischof (he/him) – BA International Development, Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy

Hi, my name is Leander and I work as a Process Improvement Intern. My role includes different projects to improve internal processes within Student Services. I love this role because it allows me to think creatively and contribute to positive changes that will benefit our students.

The first weeks have been amazing so far – time has flown. I had a really nice induction with free lunch and got to know all the other interns. We all get to sit in the same area so we can chat with each other. The team is really nice and I feel very welcome here. Especially my manager, Marie, is doing a fantastic job and I am learning so much from her every day.

I feel like in this internship our learning is highly valued, my manager always answers all my questions and allows me to participate in the professional development opportunities King’s offers for its staff. In my first weeks I have learned a lot about project management, from using Gantt Charts to leading meetings and using rota systems to assign shifts.

A big bonus for this summer internship is also that the office is air conditioned. This is amazing on hot summer days, even though sometimes the office is almost too cold. Overall, this internship has been amazing so far. 10/10, would recommend.

Dharshini Ramani (she/her) – MA Banking & Finance, King's Business School

Hello! My name is Dharshini Ramani, and I am interning as a Student Operations Intern with the Student Content Management team. My job is to make the content accessible and attractive for international students. I started the internship last month, and from then on, it's been a wonderful summer ride. It is so interesting to know what happens beyond the Student Services Reception desk.

Every day I learn something new that King's has to offer students. Apart from that, I love the way my line manager, Charlotte, supports my ideas and motivates me to explore more. I'm having fun collaborating with my fellow interns. We often spend time discussing our ideas together and also end up joking. The best thing about working in this team is that everyone treats everyone as their friend and you don't feel like working. I'm really looking forward to successfully bringing out a campaign for new international students.

Henry Kaplan (he/him) – BSc Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

Hey, I'm Henry, the Enquiry Management Intern with Student Services Frontline. I'm mainly working on welcoming new students to King's and assisting the service help desks.

I was pretty surprised to get this role, especially since I'm so new to university and don't have a ton of experience. But it's been awesome from day one. The other interns, their managers, and especially my manager Linh are all super friendly and supportive. Linh is an ex-intern herself, so she really understands what it's like.

I've learned so much in such a short time, and I'm excited to learn even more. I've done a bit of everything, from writing job descriptions to creating QR code flashcards to writing email templates. But the most important thing to me has been the friends and connections I've made. Everyone I'm working with is so knowledgeable and engaging and it's been an amazing experience.

I'm really excited to continue working with Welcome to King's and learning more about Student Services. I'm also lucky enough to work on the Student Services help desks and with online inquiries. So, if you come to ask a question, I might be the one helping you! But the most exciting thing for me is being part of the managing and hiring of student ambassadors for Welcome to King's.

It's been a great experience so far, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Leander, Archit, Palak, Alex, Ama working on their computers.

Palak Lodha (she/her) – MSc Corporate Finance, King's Business School

Hello everyone! My name is Palak Lodha, and I’m the Operations Project Intern with Student Services Frontline. Currently, I’m leading a review of the Frontline Operations Guide, one of the several projects I'm working on to enhance the delivery of student services. I’m here to support and assist you in various aspects of your academic journey.

I really wanted to make the most of my final term at King’s College London, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with Student Services. It's been incredible to witness the 'behind the scenes' of the effort that goes into various King’s platforms and services offered. And guess what’s even more exciting? I get to be part of that process.

My line manager has been super welcoming and willing to share his experiences with me since day one. This team is all about collaboration and support, which makes me want to work from the office every day. I also truly enjoy interacting with the Student Content Management team, particularly after our recent focus group session gave us the chance to collaborate and exchange ideas and insights.

I can't wait to see what the coming weeks have in store for me as I continue to grow both personally and professionally with this amazing team.

Archit Bansal (he/him) – BSc Mathematics with Management and Finance 

Hi everyone! I am Archit, the Student Lifecycle Events Intern working with the Student Content Management team. My current responsibilities include gathering feedback from students regarding the Welcome to King's app and the King's Student app, as well as planning content creation for my graduation ceremony.

I have gained valuable insights and experiences during my first few weeks in this internship. I have enjoyed building relationships with fellow interns and have been impressed by the collaborative culture within the office. Being a student until very recently, I understand the challenge of managing a large volume of emails containing important information. In my long-term project, I aim to develop a Welcome campaign for incoming students, ensuring that the emails we send are engaging and informative so that students feel welcomed and supported from the start of their journey at King's.

My primary motivation for participating in this internship is to contribute to the wellbeing of students and enhance their university experience. Professionally, I'm gaining a deep understanding of the behind-the-scenes work involved in creating content for a diverse student body at King's. I'm fortunate to have supportive managers who have demonstrated the meticulous planning and attention to detail required to deliver consistent and high-quality content to students. I'm excited to make a positive impact on students' lives and collaborate with my colleagues in achieving our goals.

Sapphire Francis (she/her) – MSc Mental Health Studies, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

Hey everyone! I’m Sapphire, the Student Services Communications Intern. Working with the Student Content Management (SCM) team, I’ll be leading on some research into what students need from communications about support services at King’s. I’ll also be helping with some content for our Instagram and Student News.

I’ve worked with the Student Mental Health & Wellbeing team at Kings for a while now, so in football terms, you could say I’m currently on loan! In all seriousness, I was excited to start working with the Student Content Management Team, as my previous experience at King’s has made me aware of how important effective communication about student services is.

Everyone deserves a positive uni experience, and though there are many services available to help students make that a reality, not everyone is aware they exist. I’m keen to continue learning about services at King’s while developing my skills in content creation and communication strategy. It has been a great couple of weeks so far (and not just because I spent one of them outside the country!). It has been a pleasure getting to know the team and other interns, and I’m extremely grateful to my line manager, Emily, for being so welcoming and supportive.

Sneha, Fatima, Alex, Leander, Archit sitting on deck chairs inside Bush House.