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The Circle of Care

With each project, the Healthier Working Lives (HWL) teams' first task is to collaborate to define their problem statement. As a jumping of point to co-design a solutions that are relevant, applicable and scaleable across the care home sector.

Circle of Care problem statement: “The project aims to introduce a holistic perspective regarding what care is, where it flows from, which aspects should account for and how this will impact the care workforce. It will explore the potential of digitising the Circle of Care in the Peggi App.”

John Mathers, HWL advisor, met with the team mentor  Luis Soares, and entrepreneur, Glenda Devlin to explore their project and its proposition.

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Why are you excited by this project?

Glenda: We are working on how my app, Peggi, may be used in Care homes – it’s a multi-media app, designed for connection, to facilitate memories, legacies, life stories and reminiscences … and our opportunity will be to adapt this for use with the care workers in our two Care homes

What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Luis: The biggest challenge is how to deal with changing culture by building on the many positive aspects of behaviours and knowledge that we have encountered and bring the Care homes to work together to build on each other’s experience.

How will you measure impact?

Luis: Eventually we will build our learnings into Glenda’s App by 2025

Glenda: We know the pressure on Care givers is tremendous. Embracing change is a real challenge but we know that, given time and care, we can start through communication and ‘baby’ steps to really support the workforce and make a real difference in the longer term.

About the interview

Chair: John Mathers is the Healthier Working Lives Enterprise and former CEO of the Design Council.

Glenda Devlin is founder of the app, 'Peggi'.

The app is aimed at building connections and reducing loneliness, and to assist individuals affected by memory problems. It has been developed using findings from clinical research into reminiscence therapy. 

Luis Soares is a Healthier Working Lives Research Associate, and Team Mentor on the project.

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