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The Lovelace Colloquium in Sheffield - Cutting-edge tech and inclusivity for women and non-binary individuals

The British Computer Science (BCS) Women Lovelace Colloquium is an annual conference which aims to provide women and non-binary students with insights into different areas of industry and academia. A group of us from the Department of Informatics were invited to join the event in Sheffield this year to take part in an abstract poster contest.

We were excited to arrive in the charming city of Sheffield and received a warm welcome at the event with a bag of goodies, setting the tone for the day.

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Before the event kicked off, we had an hour of networking and socialising which helped break the ice and enabled us to connect with like-minded individuals. This was followed by inspiring keynotes from Gillian Arnold, Mariana Fonseca, Tristi Tanaka, and Diana Maynard. They each shared a piece of their journey, valuable insights into their fields, tips for success, and other career ideas. Their talks not only enlightened us but also inspired us to reach greater heights in our work.

The poster content then kicked off, where we had a chance to hear a range of research projects from students from across the UK, including from our own Gowthami who presented her research on AI-MoCap technology in augmenting human motion. Other projects ranged from studying fish movements to enhance robot navigation, to using modern technology for predicting multiple health conditions, we learnt new topics in computer science which pushed boundaries and challenged our views.

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The panel discussion was another highlight of the day, with participants including Simran Chopra from Sumo Digital, Key Paul Fitton from Amazon, Munira Raja from the University of Liverpool, Kat Goldmann from the Alan Turing Institute, and Rosanna Danza from Ocado Technology. The panel provided an opportunity to ask pressing questions and gain first-hand insights. Despite the special BCS Lovelace cupcakes waiting for us outside of the auditorium, finishing quickly, we were still eager to engage.

The day ended with the much-anticipated prize announcement, followed by more networking. This time enabled us to chat with the employers and get a deeper understanding of the opportunities on offer and their company cultures. Beyond the professional networking, it was a chance to make personal connections, share laughs, and form friendships that may lead to future collaborations.

Knowing you are understood in the challenges in the constantly growing field of technology is both small and powerful.”

The BCS Lovelace Colloquium was an extraordinary event that not only provided incredible opportunities but also sparked potential future collaborations in research, and industry, whilst inspiring personal empowerment.

Knowing you are understood in the challenges in the constantly growing field of technology is both small and powerful. The talks focused on empowering women and non-binary students to be confident in the tech world, and to persevere when you feel like you are out of your place, whilst knowing your worth in the face of microaggressions.

We learnt lessons and insights that will resonate with us for a lifetime.”

The event also explored how to expand your technical knowledge and unleash your creativity to push the boundaries even more. It helped us understand how industry, entrepreneurship, and research work – giving us a glimpse of what you can be if you take small, calculated steps and believe in yourself and your skills!

We learnt lessons and insights that will resonate with us for a lifetime.

In the heart of the Diamond Building at Sheffield University, an inclusive environment was created, where everyone could thrive and find inspiration. We couldn’t stop talking about how empowering this event was and express our gratitude for being part of it. And our message is clear – you should join us next year! This isn’t just a student event; it’s a cutting-edge tech conference made for women and non-binary individuals by women and non-binary individuals.



Nicole Lehchevska

Gowthami Rasanayagam

Maja Swieczkowska

Mihaela Peneva

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