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We Met at King's - I Just Can't Wait To Be King's

It was a balmy summer’s evening in the early 80s when Dr Reggie D’Lion (PhD Byzantine & Modern Greek Research, 1983) and Leon Tamer (MA Big Data in Culture & Society, 1983) first locked eyes. From that first enchanted moment, their love took off like an African red-billed hornbill voiced by Rowan Atkinson. We speak to the pair about their time at King’s.

Could you tell us a bit about your courses, and why you both chose to study at King’s?

Leon: King’s has long held a reputation as an institution that is exemplary as far as the humanities are concerned. We didn’t really have Big Data in the 80s, so I felt like something of a lioneer *coughs* I mean, pioneer.

Anyway… I grew up on a small island in the Outer Hebrides, so a change of scene (and being able to live in London) really appealed to me, and King’s of course fit the bill. What’s that? How does a child growing up in the Outer Hebrides get interested in big data? That’s a great question!

Reggie: The Nemean Lion is a bit of a hero of mine, so I absolutely pounced at the opportunity to study the Ancient Greeks. Sadly, though, the Classics PhD courses were all full, so I went for the next best thing.

Could you tell us how you both met at King’s?

Reggie: Leon and I met at a very early pre-screening of Disney’s The Lion King. I hated that film – it’s a totally inaccurate representation of what it is to be a lion. My Uncle’s really nice! The music was absolutely brilliant though…

Leon brought his own chair to the event, which to be honest I found a little weird initially. But we ended up getting talking about US states as Leon had just returned from an American roadtrip: he said the best place he visited was Colorado, but I prefer Maine! Our relationship just stampeded from there really.

What are your great memories of King’s, especially those that you shared together? Are there any particular experiences that you feel defined your time here? Any anecdotes that you’d like us to include?

Leon: I remember being involved in a very early performance of the music from Disney’s The Lion King while singing in King’s Chapel Choir. Watching that very early pre-screening inspired me to source some of the sheet music from the film (which was made easier by the computer literacy I’d garnered from my Big Data course). We performed Hans Zimmer’s score in concert in the King’s Chapel, an event that Roar News labelled as ‘definitely music’ and ‘totally anachronistic’. Reggie did not attend.

Reggie: I bet Leon mentioned that I didn’t go to that concert, right? Listen, I wanted to be there, but I was playing in the Varsity rugby match against UCL that day. What a game that was: we were 21-5 down at half time but we managed to claw our way back to victory. It’s a day that I look back on with an immense amount of pride, though I blotted my copybook when I was sin-binned in the second half for a high tackle on the lad playing fullback for UCL – I think his name was Ant E. Lope.

But in general, I had a roaring time.

What did you go on to do after graduating? 

Leon: I know this might be difficult to believe, but I recently quit my job as an Analyst to become a lion tamer. What’s that? How does a child from the Outer Hebrides get interested in becoming a lion tamer? Another great question!

Reggie: I never really left King’s to be honest. You can often find me in the Macadam Building or hanging out under the stairwell of the Strand Building. Forever King’s, am I right?!

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Reggie and Leon's marriage, very clearly from the late 80s

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