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We Met at King's - Yvonne and Andy

When Yvonne (BA English Language and Literature, 2010) first met Andy (BA History, 2010) at King's, she thought he looked like a young Heath Ledger. Eight years later, they started dating, and the rest is history. We talk to Yvonne and Andy about their memories of King's, and of their experiences together in London.

Why did you choose to study at King's?

YVONNE: I wanted to stay in London and King's offered a fantastic English Language and Literature course. 

ANDY: I was super keen to move to the capital and see the bright lights! Plus the history course had a great reputation.

How did you both meet at King's?

YVONNE: We met selling poppies for the Young Conservatives in October 2007 at Baker Street station. I thought he looked like a young Heath Ledger (just back after a 6 month stint in New Zealand and with longish wavy hair, like Ledger circa '10 Things I Hate About You'). He challenged me to see who would make more money, and naturally, I won. It only took us 8 years (and a beard, on him) for us to start dating. 

ANDY: We met raising money for the British Legion. I was very impressed with a very elegant and witty girl and somehow she dragooned me into writing lifestyle articles for Roar magazine. We stayed in touch over the years and had a fateful catch-up over whisky one night in 2016 in Soho ... flash forward 6 years and we are married! 

What are your great memories of being together at King's?

YVONNE: We bonded over our favourite characters in Harry Potter. I also managed to get him to write a monthly article for the lifestyle section of Roar in our first year, so the majority of our correspondence was me chasing him via Facebook every few weeks for his witty cynicism. 

ANDY: Many, many nights at Tutu’s (for those recently graduated, this was a much loved nightclub in the Strand).

What have you gone on to do since graduating? 

YVONNE: I moved back to Hong Kong for four years after graduating and went into the property business. I moved back to London in 2014 and I am now at a residential property developer looking after a small sales team.

ANDY: First, Post-Graduate study at Oxford, followed by management consulting.

We in the Alumni Office would like to wish our congratulations to Yvonne and Andy on the birth of their baby girl, who was born at King's College Hospital in July 2022.

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