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Why you need to add “entrepreneurial” to your CV in 2020

Julie Devonshire OBE, Director of King's Entrepreneurship Institute

06 January 2020

JULIE DEVONSHIRE: Entrepreneurship is not about Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice. Neither is it just about starting a start-up. It’s about being entrepreneurial, and anyone can be entrepreneurial.

Being entrepreneurial will give you contemporary career advantages: Organisations want people who can solve problems; people who have ideas and are able to validate them; or pivot them, adapting and iterating to optimise; work in lean and agile ways; work in diverse teams, able to compel people through presentation – and above all, people who are learning to be more resilient.

If ever you have demonstrated these behaviours in your career or in your life, then perhaps you have natural entrepreneurial talent.

Successful entrepreneurs usually start by identifying and solving common problems. They tend to translate friction in their work and home lives into opportunities. They spot things that don’t work or are suboptimal at work but that could be improved.

As we enter into a new decade, excitingly, there has never been more opportunity for entrepreneurialism than now.

Whilst you may have your own list of problems and opportunities to think about in the context of your career, here are ten problems that entrepreneurial people should be thinking about in 2020, just to wake your inner entrepreneur:

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Thinking entrepreneurially and developing entrepreneurial skills can be beneficial for any career or future. At the Entrepreneurship Institute, King’s College London, we have developed the Seven Skills of an Entrepreneurial Mindset.



Focusing on these skills could support your career in 2020 and beyond.

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