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Academic Staff

This page lists the academic staff of the Department of Informatics.

To call an extension, dial +44 (0)20 7848 and add the four digit extension number.

To email add unless otherwise indicated.

To see a lecturer without an appointment, current students should refer to academic office hours.

 NameRoleGroupEmail Tel Room 
Professor Luca Viganò Professor and Head of Department SMAL luca.vigano 2078 S6.32
Professor Hamid Aghvami Professor CTR hamid.aghvami 2898 S1.09
Dr Asad Ali Teaching Fellow SMAL asad.ali 2008 S6.33
Dr Jamie Barras

Teaching Fellow CORE jamie.barras - 17SEB
Dr Elizabeth Black Senior Lecturer AIS 2694 S6.21
Dr Rita Borgo Senior Lecturer  AIS rita.borgo 2419 S1.13
Dr Martin Chapman Teaching Fellow  AIS martin.chapman 1789 S6.03
Dr Hana Chockler Lecturer SMAL hana.chockler 2928 S6.20
Dr Amanda Coles Lecturer Planning amanda.coles 7155 S6.17
Dr Andrew Coles Lecturer Planning andrew.coles 1511 S6.14
Professor Colin Cooper  Professor AB colin.cooper 2002 S6.23 
Dr Natalia Criado Lecturer AIS natalia.criado 8496 S6.27
Dr Vasa Curcin Lecturer AIS vasa.curcin 1579 S1.08
Professor Zoran Cvetkovic Professor CTR zoran.cvetkovic 1073 S1.30b
Professor Jian S. Dai Professor CORE jian.dai 2321 S1.25
Professor Mischa Dohler Professor CTR mischa.dohler 1259 S1.14
Professor Maribel Fernandez Professor SMAL maribel.fernandez 2499 S1.05
Professor Maria Fox Professor Planning 1579 S1.08
Dr Vasilis Friderikos Reader CTR vasilis.friderikos 1877 S1.26
Dr Christopher Hampson Teaching Fellow SMAL christopher.hampson 2008 S6.33
Dr Matthew Howard Lecturer CORE matthew.j.howard 7578 S1.22
Professor Costas Iliopoulos  Professor AB c.iliopoulos  2809  S6.30 
Mr Chipp Jansen Teaching Fellow CORE chipp.jansen 1789 S6.03
Dr Jeroen Keppens Lecturer AIS jeroen.keppens  1591  S6.10 
Professor Michael Kölling Professor and Vice Dean of Faculty SMAL michael.kolling  1216 S3.23
Dr Panos Kosmas Senior Lecturer CTR panagiotis.kosmas 1874 S1.16
Dr Theodora Koulouri Teaching Fellow  AIS theodora.koulouri 1789 S6.03
Dr Agi Kurucz Reader SMAL agi.kurucz  2900  S1.17 
Dr Hak-Keung Lam
on study leave until Sept 2017
Reader CORE hak-keung.lam 1240 S1.15
Dr Kevin Lano  Reader SMAL kevin.lano  2832  S1.03 
Dr Hongbin Liu Lecturer CORE hongbin.liu 2725 S1.18
Professor Derek Long Professor Planning derek.long 1579 S1.08
Dr Grigorios Loukides Lecturer AB  grigorios.loukides 0553 S6.27
Professor Michael Luck Professor and Dean of Faculty AIS michael.luck 2371 S3.38
Dr Daniele Magazzeni Lecturer Planning daniele.magazzeni 1587 S6.19
Dr Toktam Mahmoodi Lecturer CTR toktam.mahmoodi


Professor Peter McBurney Professor AIS peter.mcburney 1253 S6.04
Dr Simon Miles  Reader AIS simon.miles  1166  S6.11 
Dr Sanjay Modgil 
on study leave until Sept 2017
Senior Lecturer AIS sanjay.modgil 2775  S6.12 
Dr Mohammad Reza Nakhai Senior Lecturer CTR reza.nakhai 2744 S1.28
Professor Arumugam Nallanathan Professor CTR arumugam.nallanathan 2390 S1.24
Dr Richard Overill  Senior Lecturer SMAL richard.overill 2833  S6.22 
Professor Simon Parsons Professor AIS simon.parsons 2041 S6.08
Dr Steve Phelps Lecturer AIS steve.phelps 1800 S6.18
Dr Solon Pissis Lecturer AB solon.pissis 1807 S6.31
Prof Tomasz Radzik  Professor AB tomasz.radzik 2841  S6.24
Dr Odinaldo Rodrigues Senior Lecturer SMAL odinaldo.rodrigues 2087 S1.19
Ms Isabel Sassoon Teaching Fellow AIS isabel.k.sassoon 2008 S6.33
Dr Nishanth Sastry Senior Lecturer CTR nishanth.sastry 2445 S1.04
Dr Mohammad Shikh-Bahaei Reader CTR m.sbahaei 2367 S1.11b
Professor Osvaldo Simeone Professor CTR osvaldo.simeone 1341 S3.20
Dr Elizabeth Sklar Reader CORE elizabeth.sklar 2236 S1.20

Dr Michael Spratling

Reader CORE michael.spratling 2027


Dr Kathleen Steinhoefel
on study leave until Sept 2017

Reader AB kathleen.steinhofel 1590 S6.25 
Dr Jose Such Senior Lecturer SMAL jose.such 2256 S1.23
Dr Laurence Tratt Reader SMAL laurence.tratt 7997 S1.01
Dr Sophia Tsoka  Senior Lecturer AB sophia.tsoka 1056  S6.26 
Dr Christian Urban Lecturer SMAL christian.urban 2584 S1.27
Dr Steffen Zschaler Senior Lecturer SMAL steffen.zschaler 1513 S1.11A


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