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Dr Claudia Aradau

Reader in International Politics

AradaucollargeRoom K6.43

Department of War Studies

King's College London

Strand,London WC2R 2LS


Tel: 020 7848 7497

Office hours: Thursdays 13.00-15.00 (during term time)



Claudia is Reader in International Politics in the Department of War Studies and member of the Research Centre in International Relations. Claudia joined the Department in 2011, after five years of teaching and research at The Open University. Her work has explored security practices globally and has critically interrogated their political effects. She has published widely on critical security studies and critical International Relations. 
Her current research focuses on the role of knowledge and non-knowledge in future-oriented security practices. Taking her earlier work on governing unknowns into a new direction, it analyses contemporary articulations of security and non-knowledge, particularly as mediated through data and digital devices. She is Associate Editor of Security Dialogue and a member of the editorial collective of Radical Philosophy. 

Research Interests
Areas of research
  • Critical security studies
  • International political sociology
  • Future-oriented security practices
  • Critical methods in international relations
  • Data and digital devices

Claudia’s current research develops three main themes. The first theme, Security’s unknowns, expands the concern with catastrophic futures in Politics of catastrophe: Genealogies of the unknown, to map different modes of non-knowledge and analyse how they are mobilised in future-oriented security practices. The second project develops a critique of contemporary security practices as they have become increasingly mediated through (big) data. This project is a collaboration with Dr Tobias Blanke from the Department of Digital Humanities. Thirdly, she is developing a programme on critical methods in security studies and international relations, taking forward work published in Critical security methods: New frameworks for analysis.

Recent Publications
Aradau, C, and Blanke, T (2015), The (Big) Data-security assemblage: Knowledge and critique, Big Data & Society vol. 2(2) October 2015.

Aradau, C (2015), ‘Crowded places are everywhere we go’: crowds, emergency, politics, Theory, Culture and Society vol. 32(2): 155-175.

Aradau, C (2015), The signature of security: Big data, anticipation, surveillance, Radical Philosophy vol. 191 (May/June 2015).

Amicelle, A, Aradau, C and Jeandesboz, J (2015) Questioning security devices: Performativity, resistance, politics, Security Dialogue vol. 46(4): 293-306.

Aradau, C., Huysmans, J., Neal, A., Voelkner, N. eds (2014), Critical security methods: New frameworks for analysis (London: Routledge).

Aradau, C. and Huysmans, J. (2014), Critical methods in International Relations: The politics of tools, devices and acts, European Journal of International Relations 20 (3): 596-619.

Aradau, C. (2014), The promise of security: resilience, surprise, and epistemic politics, Resilience: International Policies, Practices, and Discourses 2(2): 73-87.

For a full list of publications, please consult the Research Portal at King’s or my page on


Claudia convenes and/or contributes to the following modules:

  • 5SSW2049 & 5SSWF009 (Fall JYA) & 5SSWS009 (Spring JYA) War in International Order (BA2 option)
  • 7SSWM065 Risk and Uncertainty in Global Politics (MA option)
  • 7SSWM080 The Global Governance of Conflict and Security: Theories and Methods (MA International Conflict Studies core module)
  • 7SSWM071 Gender in International Politics and Security (MA option)
PhD Supervision

Dr Aradau is interested in offering supervision for students working on critical security studies. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the suitability of your project.

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