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Now out in HSCC
28 March 2017

Katharine Orellana and colleagues ask: What do we know about care home managers? | Project page

Promoting independence, health and well-being for older people
28 March 2017

In BMC Family Practice - open access - the baseline paper for a new study examines the feasibility of a computer-aided health and social risk appraisal system in primary care.

Australian visitors to Unit
23 March 2017

Anthony Graham and Renee Costa from RMIT, based in Melbourne, Australia, visited the Unit today to discuss care workforce training and support. Discussion focused on the UK's early experiences of personal budgets, mandatory training and registration and employer engagement.

User involvement in social care research
22 March 2017

At the NIHR School for Social Care Research’s conference today, Unit Director Jill Manthorpe and Margaret Dangoor, Involvement manager at the LSE’s PSSRU described the role and achievements of the SSCR’s User, Carer and Practitioner Group. This group supports the SSCR Executive Group in ensuring that the research commissioned has social care practice, use and experiences at its heart.

World Social Work Day
21 March 2017

World Social Work Day was celebrated today in central London at an event organised by Tri-Borough adult and children’s services. Unit researchers James Blewett, Director of Making Research Count (London) and Jill Manthorpe, Unit Director, were invited to present findings on current social work achievements and challenges at the event. The Unit has close working relationships with Tri-Borough social workers who have assisted with several Unit studies and who frequently attend Unit workshops and events.

World Social Work Day is also celebrated south of the River Thames. At a twilight celebration in London Borough of Southwark, Jill Manthorpe and Professor Jane Thoburn of the University of East Anglia discussed social work’s role in promoting communities with social work managers and practitioners at the Borough’s celebration.

Shereen Hussein is co-author on European Social Network report
21 March 2017

Just out: Investing in the social services workforce. Principal Research Fellow at King’s, Dr Shereen Hussein, is co-author on this report assessing how local public social services are planning, managing and training the social services workforce of the future in the European context. Dr Hussein featured on the cover of the recently published Annual Review 2016 from the ESN.

Jill Manthorpe on Unit’s safeguarding research
17 March 2017

At the North Lincolnshire Safeguarding Board annual conference near Scunthorpe today, Unit Director, Jill Manthorpe, was invited to deliver the keynote presentation on Making Safeguarding Better, drawing on the Unit’s impressive range of adult safeguarding research. Jill covered Unit work on Making Safeguarding Personal, the Safeguarding Outcome Measure and emerging findings on working in situations of conflict and uncertainty.

Strengths in the social care workforce
16 March 2017

Directors and their deputies attended a day event on strengths based social work in Birmingham today. Organised by Research into Practice for Adults the event drew on different aspects of strengths or asset based social work which were discussed at a Unit seminar in December 2016. Unit Director, Jill Manthorpe was invited to present research findings on the strengths of the workforce – a subject, she argued, which is often overlooked when discussing the aspirations of strengths based approaches.

Jo Moriarty at Reform
16 March 2017

Jo Moriarty attended a round table event organised by Reform, the think tank concerned with improving public services within affordable budgets. The meeting discussed long term care funding, a topic which appears to be attracting greater policy interest within the context of concerns about the overall levels of adult social care provision. 

Experiences of residential care assistants working with people with dementia
15 March 2017
Prof Jill Manthorpe writes for the Social Care Elf on a paper by Katherine Law et al. in Dementia.
Hildegard Theobald presents on migrant care workers in Germany
15 March 2017

Professor Hildegard Theobald, from the University of Vechta/Germany, gave a presentation on ‘Migrant care workers in professional care provision in Germany’ as part of the Research on Workforce Mobility (ROWM) Network seminar series. Hildegard’s presentation was based on findings from a survey of 1,517 care workers in home-based and residential care and focused on migrant and non-migrant care workers’ experiences in the German care environment. After the presentation, the 10 participants discussed the differences and similarities between the German and the English/British care system.

Celebrating Return to Social Work
13 March 2017

Working with Chinara, a social work training consultancy, the Unit has been providing updates and skills development opportunities to a programme of trained social workers who wish to re-join the professional register. The Return to Social Work programme has been jointly funded by the Department for Education and the Department of Health. Today, participants received certificates of course participation from the Chief Social Workers. James Blewett commented, ‘The Unit was delighted to support this valuable initiative and will be studying its impact.’

Jo Moriarty at the Future of Work Conference
11 March 2017

Jo Moriarty was a panel member at the Future of Work Conference held by Demos and Conservative Workers and Trade Unionists. The event was designed for people from all political parties and none to talk about securing and improving the quality of all jobs. Jo took part in the panel on the future of work and used her slot to highlight the importance of social care to the economy, improving the skills gap to help social care workers support people with very complex conditions and the need for better support for family carers in the workplace. The meeting was attended by Robert Halfon MP, Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills, who also gave the keynote speech to the conference.

Migration, gender and low-paid work
10 March 2017

Shereen Hussein and Karen Christensen's article deriving from an analysis of data from the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care is now out in hard copy in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Unit at gambling conference, Leeds
10 March 2017

The Unit is represented at a major conference in Leeds today organised by Leeds City Council. This conference’s purpose is to explore gambling related harm and how to support people at particular risk. The Unit’s research on gambling and its effects on adults at risk is currently in it interview phase. The study’s literature review will be produced shortly – please contact Caroline Norrie if you would like to be sent a copy on publication.

At the Skills for Care Annual Conference
9 March 2017

Meeting in Liverpool today, Skills for Care held its annual conference on social care focusing on recruitment and retention. Unit Director, Jill Manthorpe, took part in a breakfast meeting held to debate Skills for Care’s strategic work programme covering the next five years. ‘Recruitment and retention clearly remain central concerns to many social care employers,’ commented Jill, ‘but there will be new challenges ahead with local service changes and new commissioning priorities. The work of an umbrella sector skills council to help the sector keep abreast of these changes will remain important’.

Celebrating International Women’s Day
8 March 2017

Social care, social work and health services have been opportunities for women to enter the worlds of paid employment, but also typically reveal problems of such work becoming typically ‘female’ with all this entails in terms of stereotyping, limited skills recognition and ‘entrapment’. International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate what women have brought to social and health care work and to analyse strategies for enhancing gender equalities. These points were debated today at Hertfordshire County Council’s International Women’s Day celebration event held in Hatfield in which Unit Director Jill Manthorpe was invited as guest speaker.

Nigel Parton at the Unit
7 March 2017

Around 20 people attended a seminar led by Nigel Parton of the University of Huddersfield. He discussed child protection as part of the Social Work Seminar Series at King's chaired by Mary Baginsky. Presentation.

Making Research Count York

3 March 2017

Unit work on safeguarding was highlighted today at a research seminar held by Making Research Count (York) in Hull (UK City of Culture) today. Jill Manthorpe presented findings from Unit and others’ studies that illustrate the growing evidence base of adult safeguarding practice. ‘We have come a long way in the last 20 years’, commented Prof Manthorpe, ‘There has been substantial investment in safeguarding research and responses. This has moved debate on from lamenting what is not known towards developing a greater focus on what works and specific gaps.’

Discretion and autonomy. Was there ever a Golden Age?
2 March 2017

The Social Work History Network drew about 35 attendees to its first meeting of the year, on discretion and autonomy. The next meeting is on probation on 25 May.




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