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News from the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King's


Discussing dementia care
24 May 2017

About 30 people attended the Margaret Butterworth Care Home Forum today, hearing three presentations, which were followed by lively discussion involving the audience (chiefly practitioners). The meeting was chaired by Prof Manthorpe. Next meeting of MBCHF, open to all, is on 13 September.

Children’s services: what does an inequalities perspective add?
23 May 2017

Paul Bywaters of Coventry University gave a fascinating presentation today summarising his research on the link between socio-economic inequality and child welfare intervention rates. This provoked a lively and wide-ranging discussion amongst participants about the ‘inverse intervention law’. Paul also explored possible links between ethnicity and child welfare interventions. About 20 people attended this seminar, which was part of the Social Work Seminars series. Presentation.

Madrid conference
19 May 2017

At the European Association of Palliative Care conference in Madrid, the end of project poster on the Rules of Thumb project (see 18 May) was presented. The study findings will also be reported in a variety of publications for practitioners in health and social care following testing in care home and hospital settings.

Rules of thumb in dementia end of life care
18 May 2017

Today at the Alzheimer’s Society Research conference in London, Dr Nathan Davies of UCL and colleagues from UCL and SCWRU are presenting the findings from their project on heuristics and dementia end of life care. Heuristics or ‘rules of thumb’ can be helpful ways of translating practice guidelines into easy to recall principles when making decisions. This study was jointly funded by the Alzheimer’s Society and Marie Curie.

Handovers in care homes
16 May 2017

Unit research on handovers in care homes feature at a conference today being held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. The Unit’s research on handovers was funded by Abbeyfield Research Foundation and a first report from the study is available. | Presentation

At Skills for Care
15 May 2017

Jill Manthorpe joined fellow Skills for Care Fellows at the London offices of Skills for Care today to discuss the sector skills council’s plans for the coming year and its strategic priorities.

Steve Marshall visits the Unit
15 May 2017

The Unit welcomed Dr Steve Marshall from the Palliative Care Team at the Cicely Saunders Institute, King’s College Hospital, to discuss social work research priorities in palliative care and with people facing life-threatening conditions.

Craig Ward on Lasting Powers of Attorney
15 May 2017

At a packed seminar today, Craig Ward launched his book on Lasting Powers of Attorney (published by The Law Society), discussing both the basics and the array of recent changes in the law that have a bearing on how LPAs function. He repeats the seminar in October.

Providing support for carers of people with dementia
12 May 2017

In their final article in a series of policy analyses for the Journal of Dementia Care (vol 25(3) pp18-20), Jill Manthorpe and Steve Iliffe examine the problems faced by carers and ask what it will take to provide them with better support. An extended discussion of some of the issues raised is available free in their report Dialectics of Dementia.

Community Care interviews Jill Manthorpe
10 May 2017

Jill Manthorpe was interviewed today by Community Care magazine about the Unit’s studies of adult Serious Case Reviews and the new system of Safeguarding Adults Reviews. The Unit has undertaking a set of analyses at the request of the Department of Health of these valuable documents – covering care homes, learning disability services, dementia care, and, more recently, reviews where the individual who was harmed or at risk of harm had a pressure ulcer. ‘It is often said that practitioners must learn the lessons of these Reviews,’ commented Jill, ‘but the “lessons” are not often easy to disentangle from the findings of the Review. We have shone a light into these documents and hope that the new Safeguarding Adults Reviews are read constructively.’

Primary care responses to dementia
9 May 2017

The Unit welcomed Pauline Clerkin to our offices today. She is undertaking her PhD at the University of Limerick on primary care responses to people with dementia and wanted to hear more in person from Kritika Samsi and Jill Manthorpe of their studies of dementia care and transitions to diagnosis and to care homes.

Jeremy Porteus on housing developments and options for older people
9 May 2017

Jeremy Porteus, Founder and Director of the Housing LIN (Learning and Improvement Network), presented on 'A housing AGEnda: more choice, greater voice for older people' as part of the ‘Perspectives on the care and support of older people’ seminar series. The starting point to Jeremy’s presentation was an important fact that should be of concern to older people and social care and health professionals. This is that the main focus within current housing policy is on housing for ‘first time buyers’—younger adults waiting to get on the property ladder—rather than meeting the housing needs or choices of ‘last time buyers or movers’, that is people looking to downsize, or to move into more supported and disability friendly forms of accommodation. Jeremy argued that there is also a severe lack of purpose-built accommodation and an undersupply of adequate housing for older people. But we live in an ageing society where increasingly, the numbers of retired older people outnumber those who are of working age. His presentation went on to introduce different models of housing options for older people, such as co-housing communities and Extra Care Housing. These were described within a very informative description of policy guidance and innovative thinking about age-friendly housing. In the closing discussion the ten participants discussed the interplay of housing and social work practice.

Paul Goulden visits Unit
8 May 2017

Jess Harris and Jill Manthorpe welcomed Paul Goulden, the new Chief Executive of Age UK London to the Unit. The Unit has a long-standing relationship with Age UK London; this year marks the 10th of our joint conferences. Age UK London also assists Unit research by commenting on proposals, recruiting study participants and helping ensure study findings reach older people, service commissioners and policy makers.

On Modern Slavery
4 May 2017

Dr Joanna Kidd (of the International Centre for Security Analysis at King's) and Prof Jill Manthorpe co-author an article in The Journal of Adult Protection that examines policy on modern slavery in light of the fact that the Care and Support Statutory Guidance classes it as a form of abuse.

Domestic staff and porters supporting people with dementia
2 May 2017

Caroline Ashton and Jill Manthorpe investigate the experiences of domestic staff and porters working in an acute hospital setting who are in contact regularly with patients with dementia in this new article in Dementia.




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