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Public Contributor Involvement & Engagement Advisory Group

Goals of the Advisory Group

Our approach is to strive for a meaningful and structured programme of Public Contributor Involvement and Engagement (PCIE). We celebrate the range of diverse, independent, and informed viewpoints that our Group of ‘experts by experience’ members brings and we will build on this during the coming years.

The Advisory Group’s role is that of a ‘critical friend’ – to ask the questions that are important to people using health and care services and those that care for them. We work with the HSCWRU research team to ensure that the perspectives of those using health and social care services are considered throughout the lifecycle of the Unit’s work. We are involved with setting strategic direction and research priorities (where possible), study design, monitoring progress, reviewing findings, supporting dissemination, and capturing impact. Some of the PCIE Advisory Group members are part of other networks and both bring their experience of these to the Group and pass on the learning from the HSCWRU research findings.

The Advisory Group is chaired by Valerie Lipman. The Unit liaison is Senior Research Fellow Caroline Norrie.

Advisory Group meetings

24 April 2024: 1.) Unit Director Annette Boaz: ‘PCIE Experience’ and Summary of PRU project proposals 2024-2026; 2.) Unit Researcher Caroline Norrie: PRU study, New Roles in Health and Social Care.

Celebrating the last five years

Caroline Norrie talks about the role and impact of the Advisory Group during the 2019-2023 contract: YouTube (about 5 mins).

Members of the Advisory Group

About us

About us

Informing policy debates on the health and social care workforce.

Unit people


Unit staff – their research interests, current projects, and publications.