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5 minutes with Lorna Smith - International Day of Women and Girls in Science edition

Dr Hannah Rosa

Lab Technician

10 February 2021

Dr Lorna Smith is a Research Associate in the Department of Diabetes, School of Life Course Sciences. As a celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we sat down with Lorna to learn more about her field of work and advice for those considering a similar career path.


Pictured: Dr Lorna Smith (right) during her PhD studies

Why did you decide to pursue science as a career?

I always liked science but had always wanted to study history, until a science teacher persuaded me to change subjects as I never stopped asking him questions in class. In university, my research project supervisor first suggested I think about doing a PhD after graduating and here I still am.

Tell us about your experiences in higher education?

I always enjoyed the social aspect of being a PhD student, in some ways more than during my undergraduate. It was more about supporting each other, picking the other up when they were finding things hard. At first, I thought I had made a massive mistake, that I was completely out of my depth and burdening everyone. As I started to get my bearings, becoming a valuable, contributing member of the team was really rewarding.

What has been the biggest challenge so far in your career?

I always find deciding the next step hard. Once I’m committed to a project, it's easy to plan and make decisions, but finding myself at the end of my studies or current research contract makes me feel incredibly anxious and I start doubting myself. It’s a very competitive environment, especially as you look ahead at the academic career path.

What advice do you have for people considering a career in research?

Find a lab where you will be supported and can seek help. Having access to several people’s expertise can help you to find a new path when you get stuck.

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Lorna Smith

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