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Research themes


The Biostatistics theme is made up largely of statisticians. We have five primary areas of methodological and applied research: prediction modelling and personalized medicine; causal evaluation and the analysis of therapeutic mechanism; the Psychometrics & Measurement Lab; life course research; and mental health clinical trial statistics and methodology. Our statisticians also provide statistical collaboration for both introductory and advanced training in applied statistical methodology.


Health Informatics

The Health Informatics theme focuses on translational bioinformatics and its application to complex disease. It is comprised of a mix of data and computer scientists, research software engineers and clinical and bio-informaticians, focused on the use of data from 'omics, electronic health records, the exposome, smartphones, and wearables for real-time tailored care and alerting, trial recruitment, patient stratification, and research. This multi-disciplinary team is able to develop and implement solutions for analysing and interpreting complex integrative datasets and for communicating findings to clinicians and patients.