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New Chemistry

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Chemistry research in the department is focused on:

  • Organic PET radiochemistry for synthesis for small molecules labeled with C-11 and F-18
  • Novel coordination chemistry of metallic radionuclides for PET (Cu-64, Cu-61, Ga-68), SPECT (TC-99m, In-111, Ga-67) and radionuclide therapy (especially Re-188, also Lu-177, Y-90, Cu-64)
  • Novel bioconjugate chemistry for improved and site-specific modification of biological molecules (proteins, peptides) with radionuclides and contrast agents
  • Nanoparticle design and synthesis for multimodality imaging applications (e.g. PET/MR. SPECT/MR)

A key aim is to make radiolabelling simpler, faster and more efficient, and to make radiopharmaceuticals of higher quality and hence more likely to be widely available for the benefit of patients. Because of the integration within the Department and Division we can exploit the considerable scope for application of the new chemistry across many biomedical areas.