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Ready for the future as it arrives

Helping individuals and organisations use the crisis as a catalyst for positive change 

Available now – contact us to discuss how we can deliver this to your organisation:  

‘Ready for the future as it arrives’ is a way of future-proofing organisations to use the recent crises as a catalyst for positive change. This one-day programme will: 

  • Allow individuals to make sense of the coronavirus crisis for themselves; to give them the time and space to think about the impact the crisis had upon them both personally and professionally; articulate and share their stories with their colleagues in a professionally-facilitated environment  

  • Reflect on what personally they would have done differently with hindsight 

  • Articulate what they believe their organisation could have done differently with hindsight 

  • Create some clear personal and organisational recommendations around what to do differently 

  • Develop some clear personal and organisational recommendations to prepare for future uncertainty 

  • Recognise the physiological and psychological impact of stress; practice some personal resilience exercises to transform negative energy to positive energy 

At King’s we believe this is a powerful mechanism to help individuals and organisations recognise the impact of the crisis, prepare more effectively for future uncertainty and so be able to perform now. This is also an excellent opportunity for Leadership Teams to get first-hand, honest feedback on what is going on across their organisation and what they could do to prepare more effectively. 

The programme is an inter-disciplinary one-day engagement delivered for leaders, managers and professionals. The programme consists of 2 x 3-hour facilitated workshops, led by experienced senior facilitators and can be delivered in-person or virtually dependent on your organisation’s needs. The sessions include plenary and group work, all highly practical and interactive and includes a number of optional additional activities that can be added to suit your objectives.  

Content includes: 

  • Having courageous conversations 

  • The Change Curve 

  • Storytelling and personal impact 

  • Transforming negative stress into positive energy 

  • Tools for proofing against future uncertainty 

Full details of this programme and its possible iterations can be found online.  

Contact our Client Director, Dr Tim Sellick, to discuss how this course can be tailored to your organisation: