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Counselling & Mental Health Support

Peer to peer support

  • The Peer Support Programme was developed in recognition of the essential role students’ play in supporting and encouraging one another on a day-to-day basis throughout their time at university.
  • Students are likely to look to each other first for help in thinking through issues and for emotional support, but there are times when this can leave friends feeling out of their depth, unsure how best to help but anxious about seeking advice for fear of betraying trust.

Peer Supporters are trained by the King’s Counselling & Mental Health Support Team.

The 18 hours of training are  accredited and recognised by the KCLSU volunteering record 

  • Peer Supporters have received training to enable them to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, maintain confidentiality, respect boundaries and recognise when and how to encourage referral to professional support services when necessary.
  • Mainly they just offer a listening ear and a friendly face when you need it.


Who are peer supporters?

  • Peer supporters are undergraduate and graduate students who have formally applied for the role.
  • Peer supporters attend ongoing supervision from the King’s Counselling & Mental Health Support Team to consolidate their training, develop skills and ensure that they are not over-committed.
  • All peer supporters abide by a Code of Practice.


Meet Joanna (Graduate Peer Support)



Hi everyone, my name is Joanna and I am a PhD student in the area of analytical chemistry at King’s College London (based at Waterloo campus). I completed my masters in Analytical Toxicology and worked in the industry for 2 years before embarking on a PhD journey. I am originally from Poland so I am happy to talk to you in English or Polish.


If you’ve got any problems or if there is something on your mind you would like to discuss, our team is always here for you. We’ve completed an extensive Peer Support training and the meetings with one of us are always confidential! Reach us at:

How can peer support help?

  • Peer support offers an easily accessible and relatively informal opportunity to talk through issues which may be concerning you.
  • Often it can help simply to get things off your chest or to know that someone is genuinely willing to listen and take time to understand what’s on your mind.
  • Sometimes just talking things through is enough; sometimes it may lead you to seek more professional help.
  • It is important to emphasize that peer supporters are not counsellors and, where appropriate, they may encourage you to seek more formal support through college welfare, your GP or the King’s Counselling & Mental Health Support Team.

Peer Support Application form

If you wish to become a Peer Supporter, please complete the application form below and email it to

Peer Supporter Application Form




Email:;  Facebook: @kclgradpeersupport; Twitter: @kclgradpeersupp



  Venetia Peer Support

Venetia: "Hello there! I'm Venetia and I am a final year Law student here at King's. Having lived in Greece for almost my entire life, I know what it feels like to start University so far away from home. It's absolutely okay to feel overwhelmed, either that's because of the sudden culture shock, the pressure of university, feeling homesick - or any other reason really! Just remember that you are not alone in this! You can always send me a message, and we can meet up wherever and whenever you want. I am here to talk and listen to you."


Bethan: "Hey everyone, my name is Bethan and I'm a final year English with Film student. I'm also a student rep as well as my role as a peer supporter which has been really exciting! I have loved all of my time at King's including my classes, creative writing and studying abroad in California."

 Bethan Peer Support

Zainab Ganiwalla: "Hi everyone! My name is Zainab and I am currently a second year studying English Language and Literature. I understand how university is such a stressful time and how having a million different commitments and deadlines can affect you. That’s why I joined the Peer Support programme, because sometimes all we need is to have a little chat with someone else! So if you feel like you need to talk to someone about anything you’re going through then you are always welcome here.

I also have a lot of other interests which include binge-watching shows on Netflix and wondering what my life would be like if I had superpowers (it would be AMAZING!)"

Aisha Ali: "Hey guys, this is Aisha, your fellow Peer Supporter. Transitioning into Medicine and cruising through the course is quite the rollercoaster ride! But with the right support system the journey becomes a tad bit easier and bearable, hence why I became part of a group that endeavours to help and be there for their fellow peers for whatever they need.

My interests include the occasional down time with a good novel, occasional TV Show marathons and hurting my bank balance with much needed therapeutic shopping".
 Aisha Ali peer2peer
 P Iyer peer2peer Priyanka Iyer: "Hi I'm Priyanka! I'm intercalating in Anatomy this year. I joined Peer Support as I believe it's provides a great support network making sure we all feel supported and can make the best of our time at university. My interests include classical dance, anything neuroscience/brain related and mental health".

Alekhia Nippani: "Hey! I'm Alekhia and this
is my 4th year at King's, after having completed my intercalated BSc in Anatomy (which is so much more fun than it sounds). I'm hoping to go on to do either surgery or psychiatry. Over my time at King's I've been part of Breakin' KCL, Fencing and the PAL scheme"

 Alekhia N peer2peer

 Mariam K PeerSupportPic

Mariam Koronfel: "Hi! Mariam here; a third year medical student and one of the MSA peer supporters. Medicine and University can be overwhelming and hard to juggle with everything else happening in your life, but having a chat always helps!

During my time at KCL I have taken part in weird and wonderful things but my favourites would be Shine and Students for Syria" 

Mohammed: "My fellow peers, my name is Mohammed Bashar and I’m currently a 4th year medical student. I have also completed my Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy and a Master’s in Affective Disorders, all at KCL. I have also completed courses with Mental Health First Aid, The Mental Health Foundation and the psychotherapy SSC. Currently in my 8th year of study, I have experienced, heard and seen the variety of struggles students can face. Whatever you are facing, I hope as a peer supporter I can be of service to you"

M B PeerSupportPic

F Malik peer2peer

Fahad Malik: "Hi there! I'm Fahad, and I'm currently in my third year of medicine at GKT! I originally joined Peer Support because I feel it is an excellent way to help my peers and make sure everyone has access to the support they need. 

Besides peer support I also have an interest in writing (for the GKT Gazette and the Health Matters Blog), global health, health policy and travelling."

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