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Connecting people and places through tree-making

A Faculty-led arts project aiming to build community during lockdown is crossing international boundaries, with 70 students in Mexico participating in a recent tree-making initiative. Find out how to get involved and make your own indoor tree.

A recent virtual event, led by The Exchange with the International Tree Foundation, invited people to share their stories and experiences inspired by trees and to make paper trees at home through an online tutorial.

The tree making and online event has since been repeated in two universities Mexico, where 70 students took part, sharing their love of trees during lockdown.

Víctor Daniel Sabino Camacho from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Rosario Castellanos, said, “A tree, for the simple fact of existing, is essence. It is life, strength, endurance.”

For Juárez Castro María Fernanda, trees “remind us that we are alive and that we must live fully.”

Ricardo Romero, who forged the link with the Instituto Rosario Castellanos and Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, said: “You should feel proud that your ideas are already having a positive influence in another country suffering from lock-down measures.”

Watch this video to find out about Daniela Malja Perales' experience of the tree-making.

Over 50 trees have been made since the end of March, spanning the UK, Mexico and the US. You can learn how to make your tree by following this easy to follow video.

Abigail Kenyon, from London, said, “I felt calm, relaxed and focused making the tree. It was good to have something to occupy my hands and mind. “

One tree maker gifted it to her Mum. She commented, “My 82-year old Mum cannot walk in the forested places she loves as they are all closed, she is delighted to have this tree inside her home …”

Even though people are physically apart, the Exchange which is in the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy, has offered people a chance to connect through communal creative activities, taking a moment to pause, connect and use their imaginations.

It is so encouraging to see how this tree project has inspired action from people across different countries, and cultures. For me, trees are a symbol of resilience, strength and togetherness, things we need now, more than ever.– Jayne Peake, Engagement Manager of The Exchange

The Bring the Outside In project formed part of the KCLSU Take Time in campaign and King’s #ContinuingToServe activities.

#ContinuingToServe is a university-wide approach to bringing together, strengthening and celebrating the many ways in which King’s people are making a difference, wherever they may be, fulfilling our purpose as a civic university that serves the world.

The project is just one of the many ways that King’s students, staff and alumni are continuing to support their local communities, and each other, during Covid-19.

Get involved

You can make your tree by following this easy to follow video. Share your trees with The Exchange on instagram @exchangespacekcl

You can also watch the event in this video

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