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OSINT – Tools & Techniques


Exploiting the analytical value of digital, open source information

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of public domain information to draw intelligence conclusions. The Centre Science and Security Studies (CSSS) is investigating the application of new Open Source Investigation Tradecraft and workflows, as well as adapting traditional analytical tradecraft to the age of big data.

Researchers are developing a wide range of capabilities with the Centre, ranging from the analysis of trade, social media, and counter-threat network analysis, to investigations into the financial activities of weapons proliferators and international sanctions evaders.  

Bringing together tradecraft disciplines from various communities of practice, including open source investigative journalism, financial intelligence, government analytical tradecraft, law enforcement and academic research methods, they leverage open source information to uncover hidden illicit activity by states and non-state actors


The ‘Alpha-Proliferation Open Source Tool’ (ALPHA-POST) is a collection of data visualisation and aggregation tools developed in house by the CSSS’ team formerly branded as Project Alpha. It houses a variety of open source software tools and in-house developed machine learning algorithms which are fused together into a ‘software stack’ capable of ingesting, processing and leveraging vast quantities of data to aid human analysts.


Ian J. Stewart, Alexander Lee, Ahmed ElGebaly, ‘Automated Processing of Open Source Information for Nonproliferation Purposes,’ 1 July 2017, Institute of Nuclear Materials Management.


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