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Kickstarter for Staff

What does it mean to view the world through the lens of other people? What’s the value in communicating across cultures, communities, identities and disciplines?

Following feedback from the Cultural Competency Student Kickstarter, we have launched a Cultural Competency Kickstarter aimed specifically at King’s Staff. The Staff Kickstarter takes less time (roughly 1 hour) to complete and contains information specific to King’s Staff.

The Cultural Competency Kickstarter will empower you to critically reflect on understanding your own identity, how you relate to others, and how you can make a positive difference at King’s and in the wider world.

Once you complete the Kickstarter, you will have the option to join the Staff Cultural Competency Champions Network via the feedback form. By joining, you will receive a special Cultural Competency email signature banner as well as invitations to events and access to resources and support that will help you champion Cultural Competency at King's. 

Enrol in the Cultural Competency Staff Kickstarter on KEATS (King’s log in required).

Cultural Competency Programme for Staff

Accelerate your journey at King’s with the in-depth Cultural Competency Programme for Staff. This programme is co-created in consultation and collaboration with staff from across King’s. The aim is to empower staff to thrive within our culturally diverse community. We are committed to fostering effective communication across differences, thereby contributing to a vibrant work culture. 

This aligns with the Internationalisation Vision 2029, which aims to make a positive impact on global education through a cultural competent lens.

This engaging 8-hour asynchronous e-learning module allows you to progress at your own pace, featuring 8 comprehensive thematic units, exploring topics, such as identity and positionality, power and hierarchy; language and communication; inclusive environment, mental health leadership and management. 

The design of this module has always been mindful of how busy our colleagues are. To accommodate their schedules, we divided the 8 hours of learning into three stages, which can also be automatically upgraded as you revisit and complete more units. Completing Stage 1 will earn you a Bronze certificate, Stage 2 a Silver certificate and Stage 3 (all units) a Gold certificate. 

King’s staff who have completed the Stage 1 units can join the King’s Cultural Competency Championship scheme and become a member of the King’s Cultural Competency Co-creation Group (known as the 4C group), a network for developing cultural competency education and research. This will open opportunities for collaboration and an exchange of good practices, that are an important component to building a community for positive changes at King’s and beyond. 

Please also check out our Co-create page for further information and how to get involved.

Enrol in the CC Programme for Staff on KEATS (King’s log in required)

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Co-create with us

Co-create with us

Develop the Cultural Competency Unit collaboratively alongside students and staff at King's.



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