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Please note: this event has passed

King's Sustainability are excited to invite you to the 7th seminar of the Sustainability Seminar Series.

For this edition, we will be exploring the intersection between indigenous rights and conservation in the face of expanding extractive industries. We are thrilled to be joined by Penti Baihua, Baihuaeri Waorani Traditional Leader, and Judith Kimmerling, Human Rights Lawyer and Professor Emeritus of The City University of New York. Penti has led and Judith has supported Ome Yasuní, a grassroots indigenous rights campaign based in Yasuní, within the Ecuadorian Amazon, since the 90s. Currently they are both engaged in the Tagaeri & Taromenane Indigenous people vs the Ecuadorian state case which is being reviewed by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. This is the first time a regional court has tried a case involving uncontacted Indigenous peoples or peoples in voluntary isolation, setting an important precedent for similar communities in the Amazon. Find out more about Ome Yasuní.

Join us on the evening of April the 17th to hear right from the source about: how the case is going; the situation in the Ecuadorian Amazon; indigenous leadership; and how you can help from afar. This seminar has been organised and will be facilitated by Scott Emery, Strategic Communications MA student at King’s, schools engagement project coordinator for the King’s Climate Action Network, and Communications and External Relations Manager for Ome Yasuní.

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This seminar is part of a series which runs monthly between October ‘22 and June ’23 covering some of the biggest topics in sustainability. If you would like to stay in the loop about upcoming seminars, please sign up here. These seminars are linked to the KEATS Sustainability module - you can enrol on the module here.