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The IMPARTS Project also offers a teaching module aiming to equip clinicians working in a general hospital setting with key clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of common mental health problems.


What does this course offer?

The module covers the key mental health presentations to the general hospital over five taught days. Each taught day has a different clinical theme, covering the topics: the confused/agitated patient; the distressed/depressed patient; the patient with medically unexplained symptoms; the substance misusing patient; and managing conflict.  


Learning Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate an understanding of the range of mental health problems affecting people in the general hospital setting
  2. To be able to use clinical data from a range of tools and approaches to identify and assess common mental health problems
  3. To acquire consultation skills to facilitate the management of common mental health and related clinical problems


The course has been designed to help you develop your ability to reflect critically on your clinical experiences and integrate the body of research evidence on mental health problems in a general hospital setting into your practice.

Students will become familiar with common presentations, assessment, basic management and ethical issues related to that clinical presentation. No prior knowledge of mental health is assumed.

Each teaching day can be complimented by optional access to online materials designed to enhance your theoretical knowledge.


The course has CPD accreditation. 

Details on the previous course can be found here.


The next run of this course will be:

Tuesday 09th June - Tuesday 07th July 2020 (now fully booked)

The primary focus of each taught day changes each week and covers the following key areas:

- The Anxious / Depressed Patient

- The Confused / Agitated Patient

- The Substance Misusing Patient

- Handling Conflict

- The Patient with Persistent Physical Symptoms (formerly Medically Unexplained Symptoms)  


Future dates for this course are:

Tuesday 15th September - Tuesday 13th October 2020
- Tuesday 23rd February - Tuesday 23rd March 2021  



“I honestly can't put into words how invaluable this course has been and the positive impact on my future clinical practice”

“I felt like I was taught by true experts who were very passionate”

“All of the sessions were relevant to my practice and valuable”

“The course was fantastic and I learnt so much through it”

“It felt a real privilege to meet the lecturers and it was fascinating to explore the issues raised over the duration of the course”

“Brilliant course. Very pleased to have taken part. Absolutely loved it”


Who is eligible to apply?

We accept applications from any non-mental health clinical professionals who are interested in developing their skills. The course is offered as a stand alone level 7, 15 credit module and is also an optional module for students taking the MSc in Advanced Practice.

Course Fees

The fees are £650 for the entire course.
This includes lunch and refreshments for every teaching day plus access to the latest resources and supporting material compiled by course tutors.

Want to find out more?

Aymie Backler
IMPARTS course administrator


Dr Lauren Rayner
IMPARTS Education Lead



How to apply

If you would like to apply for this course, please fill out the registration form below. IMPARTS will never share your details with third parties.
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We are accepting registration forms for the summer and winter IMPARTS courses in 2020 / 2021.

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