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Drug Delivery student publishes first research paper

Mr Izzat Bin Mohamed Suffian, a PhD student in the Drug Delivery Group, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, has published his first research paper in collaboration with Professors Akihiko Kondo and Chiaki Ogino of Kobe University, Japan.

The research study, published in The Journal of Biochemistry, involved engineering Hepatitis B virus core particles as nanomedicines to specifically target breast cancer cells by modifying the arginine content in the cationic domain of the core particles. The authors showed specific cell uptake by breast cancer cells. It is hoped that this work can offer insights into the development of new drug delivery systems across different kinds of cancer cells.

Izzat is a chemical engineer and obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Science and Engineering (B.Eng) degree in Japan. He was awarded a PhD studentship from the Government of Malaysia to pursue his PhD studies within the Drug Delivery Group in October 2012.

Izzat’s supervisors are Dr Khuloud Al-Jamal, Senior Lecturer in Nanomedicine, King’s College London and Professor Chiaki Ogino, Kobe University, Japan.

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