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Dr Hala Afifi

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About Hala

Hala Afifi graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences with Honour from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain-shams University, Cairo, Egypt in 2001, where she was then employed as a Pharmaceutical chemistry instructor for 2 years afterwards.

Hala obtained her MSc in chemical research with distinction from the University of London (2006); her thesis involved the organic synthesis of haptens for polyclonal antibodies and the effect of solvent on antibodies kinetics.

Hala’s PhD project focused on the structural characterisation of biocompatible and biodegradable wormlike micelles using different techniques, including rheology, small-angle neutron scattering and Cryo-TEM. She investigated the encapsulation of pharmaceutical oils and drugs in the wormlike micelles and their effect on micellar phase behaviour. She also studied the association behaviour of both wormlike and spherical micelles with hydrophobically modified dextran.


  1. M. da Silva, E. Weinzaepfel, H. Afifi, J. Eriksson, I. Grillo, M. Valero, C. A. Dreiss (2013) Tuning the viscoelasticty of nonionic wormlike micelles with β-cyclodextrin derivatives : a highly discriminative process. Langmuir, DOI :10.1021/la4015338.
  2. H. Afifi, G. Karlsson, R. K. Heenan, C. A. Dreiss (2012)Structural transitions in cholesterol-based wormlike micelles induced by encapsulating alkyl ester oils with varying architecture, J. Colloid Int. Sci.,378, 125-134
  3. H. Afifi, G. Karlsson, R. K. Heenan, C. A. Dreiss (2011) Solubilization of oils or addition of monoglycerides drives the formation of wormlike micelles with an elliptical cross-section in cholesterol-based surfactants : a study by rheology, SANS and Cryo-TEM, Langmuir, 27, 7480-7492.
  4. H. Afifi, M. A. da Silva, C. Nouvel, J.-L. Six, Christian Ligoure, C. A. Dreiss (2011) Associative networks of cholesterol-modified dextran with short and long micelles, Soft Matter, 7, 4888-4899
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