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Dr Rubia Gouveia

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About Dr Gouveia

Dr Rubia Figueredo Gouveia is a visiting researcher from Brazil. She holds a one-year grant from CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior).

Rubia graduated in Chemistry in 2003, then undertook a Master project (2003-05) and a PhD (2005-10) under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Galembeck at UNICAMP, looking at the electrostatic charging and nanomechanical properties of insulator materials.

Her current project entitled ‘Comparison of bulk and surface-mediated wormlike micelle formation’ involves the characterisation and comparison of micellar structures formed by an anionic surfactant in solution and at a solid/liquid interface, in order to extract the parameters which direct the micellisation process. She is studying in particular the effect of adding positively and negatively charged co-solutes, both monomeric and polymeric, in solution and at an interface, on the shape and size of the micellar aggregates. For this purpose, she uses both rheology and AFM (in collaboration with Dr Patrick Mesquida, Physics Department).


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