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Gavin McGabe








About Gavin

Gavin studied Biochemistry at The Queen's College, Oxford University and subsequently worked in the Department of Botany, Glasgow University. He joined Prof. Lawrence's laboratory to obtain further research experience to develop his academic career.

Gavin's research interests focus on relating the chemical structures and physicochemical properties of biological macromolecules to their interactions and characteristics in solution, and to their properties and biological roles and functions in assemblages in vitro and in vivo. The cell surface is of particular interest. Previous work has been on extracellular matrix, the plant and bacterial cell wall, and recently at King’s on relating the size and structure of surfactant and oil molecules, as they aggregate, to the size and shape of the resulting micellar and microemulsion droplets.

Gavin's research in PBG has been directed towards forming micellar solutions and microemulsions and using light scattering to gain insight into the molecular structure and the size and shape of the individual micellar and microemulsion droplets. Of particular interest are microemulsions formed with the surfactants oleyl betaine or oleamidopropyl betaine, and the oils ethyl butyrate or ethyl caprylate, with water as solvent. Static and dynamic laser light scattering were applied to the micellar solutions and the microemulsions. Information was gained about the size and particle weight of the droplets, and hence molecular composition, and also indirectly about the oblate or prolate ellipsoidal shape of the micelles formed by oleyl betaine in water.

In September 2011 Gavin took up a place as a student on the MRes in Biophysics at King's.

  1. "Interaction of Glucuronyl- and Xylosyltransferases Involved in Glucuronoxylan Synthesis in Pea Epicotyls” Proceedings
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