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PBG Alumni

Dr Maria Paula G. Peixoto

maria_paula_peixoto-140-180Essentii Research & Development / University of São Paulo

Ribeirão Preto, SP - Brazil





About Maria Paula

Maria Paula is a pharmacist and currently works as a Researcher for a R&D company in Brazil. Her main research interests are the development of drug delivery systems using natural products, either as active principles and pharmaceutical adjuvants, as well as in pharmaceutical processes such as drying and coating. She is also experienced in the physic-chemical and biological evaluation of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the development of analytical methods.

She holds a Master’s (2005) and a PhD degree (2009) from Brazilian Universities. During her PhD, she was a visiting researcher in Dr Dreiss’ group from March to October of 2009, working on the characterization of the self-assembly of natural surfactants (saponins). She currently has a collaborative project with Dr Dreiss to study the enzymatic cross-linking of hydrogels from pectin and casein for controlled drug release.

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