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Dr Reg Rehal

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150 Stamford Street
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About Dr Rehal

Reg completed his Pharmacy MPharm degree with King's in 2008 and finished with a first class hons. He did his final year project with Dr Harvey on antimicrobial peptide interactions with bacterial bio films, looking specifically at peptide folding and hydrophobic interactions between peptides and bacterial bio film carbohydrate models using tryptophan fluorescence and Circular Dichroism studies. He began developing a more whole system to study these interactions using model bio films wrapped around vesicles to see if the peptide was able to penetrate the bio film to reach the "model" cells. This again used a series of CD and tryptophan fluorescence studies.

Reg's PhD project investigated the behaviour of Staphylococcus aureus plasma membranes at neutral and low pH environments with antimicrobial peptides. The project encompassed both a focus on plasma membrane lipids and proteins, and how these elements are utilised by the bacterium to adapt to its environment and also defend itself against antimicrobial peptide assault.

The project looked at this behaviour from a biophysics point of view utilising such techniques as Neutron Reflectivity, Circular Dichroism, Tryptophan fluorescence, LC-MS, solid-state NMR and many more techniques to help understand this conundrum. In addition to this he conducted a chemical synthesis project to produce a novel, stable phospholipid which is an analogue of one which is expressed in S. aureus but which is highly labile to hydrolysis in vitro


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