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PBG Alumni

Dr Louic S. Vermeer

Vermeer, Louic140x180Biophysique des Membranes et RMN

Institut de Chimie (UMR-7177)

1, rue Blaise Pascal

Universite de Strasbourg

67000 Strasbourg




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About Louic

Louic completed his PhD at the Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France in 2009 before joining the group as a post-doc funded by the MRC. Louic is expert in a variety of biophysical methods, in particular both liquid and solid-state NMR and has considerable experience in molecular dynamics simulations.

His research now focuses on obtaining experimentally validated models of the interactions of cationic peptides with biomembranes and developing both HR-MAS and CP-MAS metabolomic methods and software. 

Louic left the group in 2012 after a very productive spell and continued his research in the Biomembrane Structure Unit with Prof. Tony Watts in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford before moving to the University of Strasbourg to work in the group of Prof. Burkhard Bechinger.

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