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Meet our Alumni Ambassadors

Our Alumni Ambassadors programme pairs graduates who are happy to share their experiences of King’s with prospective students, offer holders, and with new and current students who are studying towards a degree at the university.

Find out more about our Ambassadors, and their experiences of the programme, below. If you are interested in registering your interest in becoming an Alumni Ambassador, click here.

Click here for a global map marking the locations of our Alumni Ambassadors.

400 Tiffany

China - Danqing Yang
(International Marketing, 2018)

'Studying at King’s has been one of the best experiences in my life. While living an amazing school life, I also grew in academics, gained more confidence, and made lots of new friends. I genuinely suggest prospective King‘s students and alumni pursue what they are truly interested in, seek more possibilities and embrace challenges; then try their best to make consistent decisions accordingly along the career path.'

400 Metin

Netherlands - Metin Akyol
(War Studies, 2019)

'Beside its prestigious reputation, King’s College London is the only university in the world with a War Studies department. King's gave me an incredible experience. I have discovered myself as a person and as a professional. King's world-class teaching and research gave me the motivation and skills to deliver the same to my own profession in the Netherlands. Learning from each other and getting knowledge from debates and dialogues creates the total package for a good start in reaching your personal and professional goals in life. Last but not least, via King’s I have got the best friendships for a lifetime!'

400 Norah

Saudi Arabia - Norah Alhussein
(MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2020)

'I graduated with my MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation from King’s in 2020. During my studies, I enjoyed meeting with some of the most innovative start-ups and founders in London to hear their challenges, learn from their experiences, and be inspired by their success stories.

Speaking with alumni before my MSc gave me a head start and helped me make the most of my time at King’s. Now, as an alumni ambassador, I take great delight in sharing with students all that King’s has to offer, whether in its academic life or in its extracurriculars. My experience also lets me give insight on life in London as an international student.'

400 Arvind

Mauritius - Arvind Babajee
(EU Law, 2020)

'I chose to be an Ambassador of my University KCL as it is such great pride and honour to be chosen to represent such a prestigious institution. Wherever you go with your King's degree it always has global resonance and great prestige, King's College London is a great place to study and to get involved in so many societies. The cultural diversity and supports of the staff, as well as the lecturers, are incredible. You are never left on your own. What I learnt here, is once King's you are King's forever.'

400 Rida

Pakistan - Rida Bokhari
(International Marketing, 2017)

'Having been an active member of the King's community as a Postgraduate student all the way up to taking up voluntary roles, I had always wanted to play my part in an even larger capacity in giving back after graduating. This paved way for me to take up my role as an Alumni Ambassador, for which I represent KCL across Pakistan and vice versa.

Serving King's and Pakistan were both my goals - and through this role I got the opportunity to work for both through this beautiful combination. My advice to all future alumni would be to let the passion instilled within you by King's shine throughout your lives. Live, love, and embody the King's vision!'

400 Carley

USA (Washington D. C.) - Carley Burroughs
(MA Early Modern History, 2019)

'I chose to be an Ambassador because I really enjoyed my experience at King's and I wanted to give back to the King's community by sharing all the things I love about my MA with prospective students.

My advice to new students is to take advantage of your time in London and don't forget to explore all that the city has to offer. My advice to alumni is to use King's Connect to support your professional development. You can connect with mentors in a variety of subjects who will be happy to help you on your journey.'

400 Chiara

Italy - Chiara Caiazzo
(BA Comparative Literature, 2019)

'The reason why I chose King’s was the interdisciplinary nature of the course. This enabled me to examine every issue through multiple perspectives, exchanging opinions with students and teachers from all over the world. Coming from a small town in Southern Italy, moving to London was a wonderful challenge that disclosed a wide range of opportunities. My advice would be to be open to change and personal growth; we are always in flux, and we never cease to learn. Trust me, I am the person dressed in black who owes her entire degree to a playlist called ‘Techno Bunker’.'

400 Henri

France - Henri Cotard
(Business Management, 2018)

'I chose to study at King’s to encounter the diversity of nationalities and cultures that sit in Strand’s rooms, to live in the multinational hub that is London and to learn in an environment well known for its excellence. KCL was a place where I met lifetime friends, a place that helped me develop societies and play sports outside class and a place where I was prepared to enter the business world.

My advice for future students is to watch the movie ‘Yes Man’ and adopt that lifestyle when studying at King’s: Say Yes to anything, be curious and leave your comfort zone!'

400 Almuhalb

Sudan - Almuhalb G. M. Ismail
(MSc Advanced Paediatrics, 2020)

'I chose to study at King's because it is one of top highly reputable academic institution worldwide and I wanted to moving my self in new milestone of life, and professionally, to have an high qualification in paediatrics to improving my career. I became an KCL alumni ambassador for Sudan to showing my homeland students what huge opportunities King's it has. My advice is that it is an incredible place to study– you may surprise yourself.'

400 Joshua

Hong Kong - Joshua Hu
(LLB, 2019)

'Studying law at King's was truly a unique experience; the teaching quality, the facilities, and the unique opportunities that the law school provided are some of the bests in the world. King's provided a strong foundation for my professional career. As an alumni ambassador, I hope I can provide some helpful guidance to new students or recent graduates when it comes to a career in law (whether in academia or commercial practice).'

400 Anusha

India - Anusha Reddy
(LLM International Business Law, 2020)

'I chose to study at King's because of its stellar global reputation and recognition as a Russell group University in the field of law and I also wanted to experience the exposure of moving to a new continent and living an independent life. My life journey in London and at King's have helped me mold as a person to the better and have helped me in making valuable connections in both personal an professional life.

My advice for anyone reading this would be - Push yourself -do not limit or undermine yourself. Most of all do not doubt yourself. You never know what you are capable of until you have moved out of your zone.'

400 Paul

Singapore - Ng Paul Seen
(War Studies and History, 2019)

'It was a really intellectually stimulating time at King's - discussing how global developments and all the things we read in the news affect security and society. Thanks to King's, I managed to visit the US Naval Academy too! Life in London was enjoyable too, especially with the community from church'.

400 Kunwar

India - Kunwar Jot Singh
(MSc Finance, 2019)

'My year at King’s studying finance gave me everything a student can hope for. Heaps of networking opportunities and perpetual academic challenges truly made me a confident person. My one advice for students is to show up. Show up for classes, events, student nights and even casual group meets, it would go a long way. I am ecstatic for each and everyone who has graduated or has been offered a place at King’s. Firstly, an unmatched student-life experience awaits you and secondly the title of a King’s graduate is something that you can proudly adorn your jersey with throughout your life.'

400 Miral

Pakistan - Miral Tariq
(Biochemistry, 2020)

'My time at King’s were some of the best years of my life. I got to challenge myself academically, met great people and while I might have started at an institute, I found myself a home away from home. And to all those graduating , my advice would be to go easy on yourself, be open to new experiences and not to compare yourself with others – your timelines and definitions of success do not have to be the same.'

400 Myelone

Malaysia - Myelone Tharmaseelan
(Medical Ethics and Law, 2019)

'Despite the rigorous time demands to be an ambassador for King's, I find this role deeply satisfying on a personal level. I have had the chance to meet and interact with prospective students to share with them regarding my experience as student. Studying at King's has been by far one of the best experiences of my life and this role provides me an opportunity to give back to the college.

I would to encourage all students to dream the impossible as 'If you can dream it, you can do it.''

400 Karla

Ecuador - Karla Rashell Torres M
(MSc Public Policy & Management, 2020)

'I chose to study at King’s because of its worldwide reputation and I wanted to gain academical and social experience, and challenge myself with a MSc in a top UK University. I made many friends from all around the world and belonged to a diverse cohort.

I would recommend everyone who is looking for enriching experiences, to chose King’s as it will be a life changing decision for better. Take a chance and explore life at King’s.'

400 Jasper

Netherlands - Jasper Vlaanderen
(China & Globalisation, 2019)

'My time at King’s has been truly incredible. Fellow ambitious students and the best professors in the field challenged me day by day to go for the extra mile. It was extremely rewarding to be part of such an intellectual environment. Stay patient, keep looking for the spirit of King’s and the lessons it will bring or has been bringing you will be valuable forever.'

400 Katherine

Peru - Katherine Waidhofer
(MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, 2018)

'King’s is home to the oldest and most prestigious Master's in Construction Law, therefore my decision to study there was straightforward. I was thrilled to be admitted! But what I was not expecting is the richness of the experience of living in such a vibrant and lively city as London and meeting friends from all over the world. The whole package was a life-changing experience. My advice would be to make the most of technology available and stay in contact with your friend and King’s alumni events!'

400 Zeynep

Turkey - Zeynep Yalçıner
(MA Middle Eastern Studies, 2018)

'I chose to be an Alumni Ambassador because I wanted to give back to my community and the place that I saw as my 'home away from home.' King’s was a truly remarkable experience for me both academically and personally. I chose King’s not only because of its reputation but also for the international environment that it offers.

The feeling of being a part of a global community and the brilliant London experience are the architects of the moments that I will cherish forever. Finding your tribe or your comfort zone may be difficult, perhaps that’s because it is somewhere else – I’d advise everyone to find their 'home away from home.'

400 Catherine

Germany (Munich) - Cathrine Craemer
(LLM Transnational Law, 2020)

'I chose to get involved as an Ambassador, because I enjoyed every second of my course at King’s and my time in London more generally, and have benefited hugely from alumni advice. It is therefore very important to me to equally help prospective students by sharing my experiences.

My advice for students would be to really make the most of your time at King’s, get involved in the KCLSU societies and get to know many new people. You’ll build a huge network with friends all over the world!'

400 Pablo

Spain (Madrid) - Pablo Dopico Fernández (Philosophy, 2019)

'During my studies at King’s, countless students and members of staff made my experience a memorable one, and the best way I had to express my gratitude was by getting involved in the King’s community. That is precisely my suggestion for everyone currently inside or outside King’s: get involved, it pays off — if it hasn’t already. There are many ways to do it, so you will definitely find the one that fulfills you the most!'

400 Velda

Hong Kong - Velda Yau (War Studies, 2017)

'I have very fond memories of my time at King’s. I enjoyed taking classes at the historical Strand campus, studying in the Hogwarts-like Maughan Library and watching the sunset at the beautiful Somerset House with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Out of the many things I love about London, I am most grateful about the precious friendship I cultivated.

My advice for students would be to take the initiative, befriend different interesting people, and stay in touch with them even after graduation. For example, my classmate flew all the way from the United Kingdom to visit me in Hong Kong the year after we graduated - you never know when you will make a friend for life!'

400 Humza

USA (New York) - Humza Mumtaz (Business Management, 2020)

'I chose to study at King’s because of its amazing location in central London combined with best-in-class lecturers and modules. I wanted to help grow the King’s community and encourage more Americans to pursue the international exposure and education King’s offers, so I became an Alumni Ambassador in New York.

If I were to give a piece of advice, I’d say take risks and try as many new things as you can, so you can learn more about yourself, what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and ultimately where you really belong.'

400 Khatia

Georgia (Tbilisi) - Khatia Gogilashvili (MA Education Management, 2018)

'Studying at King’s College London has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life both personally and professionally. I'm happy to have the opportunity to stay connected to KCL and give back as an Alumni Ambassador by sharing my experience and insight with anyone who dreams of receiving a world-class education.

My advice for new students and alumni would be to always believe in yourself; if you've made it to King’s, you can make it anywhere!'

400 Philip K

Belgium (Brussels) - Philip Kessler (PhD Political Economy, 2019)

'I chose to study at King’s because of its incredibly diverse student body and the excellent reputation of its Political Economy Department. As a PhD student, I particularly benefitted from my outstanding supervisor and the fantastic research environment at the Department of Political Economy. Last but certainly not least, studying in central London allowed me to explore the enormous variety of London’s unrivalled cultural life.'

400 Roberto

Chile - Roberto Burgos (LLM, 2017)

'I chose to study at King’s because of its worldwide recognition and, particularly, the Dickson Poon School of Law, which is among the top law school in the world. I shared with wonderful scholars leaders in their fields. Also, living in London is a vibrant and enriching cultural experience. I made many friends from different backgrounds, and I stayed in touch with them.

Finally, I would strongly recommend studying at King’s not only for its academic reputation but also for the life change experience you will live during your studies in London'

400 Colin Jun

South Korea - Colin Jun (ByeongKyu Jun/전병규), (International Relations, 2022)

'Beyond the high-quality education on International Relations, King’s supported me to have diverse experiences, from being part of the Model UN society to conducting community research through the Undisciplined Spaces program. For all students and alumni, I would indeed like to recommend actively participating in the diverse opportunities and activities that KCL offers.

As the Alumni Ambassador, I hope to support more students to have a positive and interesting experience at King’s through sharing my insights on both the academic aspect of KCL and different activities and experiences students can participate in at KCL'.

400 Jess

Hong Kong - Wing Sze Lin (MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, 2021)

'Studying at King’s has been one of my best decisions in life, so it’s natural for me to want to share my experience with you as an ambassador. The King’s community was incredibly supportive during my time there and beyond. The teaching quality was superb, and I learnt a lot from my peers too! Living in London was also quite an exceptional experience and it was really fun exploring different places in the City.

For the new students, I think it is important to remember that there are only so many tomorrows, so be bold and try something new!'

400 Harry Yu

South Korea – Harry Yu (Computational Finance, 2019)

'My time at King's is one of my favorite memories I look back fondly, so much so that I decided to volunteer as an Alumni Ambassador and give back to its community. King's provided me with not only prestigious world-class academic opportunities but also unique and diverse experiences, from attending insightful and inspiring talks by company executives to exploring London with new friends from all over the world.

There was a great joy in employing all the possibilities King's offers both in and outside of campus, and I intend to help new students navigate them through my role as an Alumni Ambassador.'

400 Sachiko

Japan – Sachiko Yamamoto (Marketing, 2023)

'During my study, King’s has brought me a lot of wonders. At first, I was worried whether I could keep up with the Master’s course. However, thanks to enthusiastic professors and generous friends, I always felt included, encouraged, and motivated to learn new things. All that I experienced at King’s pushed me to be an Alumni Ambassador who can connect prospective students in Japan to King’s.

It is my honor to stay connected with inspiring people of King’s community and I am sure that King’s is the door you should knock!'


United Arab Emirates - Farhan Shafi (LL.M International Dispute Resolution, 2022)

'I graduated from King's with an LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution in 2022. From being taught by a world-class faculty in the historic Strand campus overlooking River Thames, to a memorable student experience which helped forge life-long friendships; my time at King's was deeply enriching.

I chose to become an alumni ambassador to share my experience with prospective students in terms of what King’s has to offer and how it can help achieve their pursuits.

My one advice to students is to never be afraid to ask for help. The King’s faculty, staff and alumni are always an email away and ever willing to provide guidance.'

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