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Micro Homes and the housing crisis

The housing crisis is both a local and global one for research at King’s College London. London sits at the heart of a housing system that faces considerable challenges in delivering safe, adequate and affordable housing for all. The Urban Futures research group aims to examine the future of urban planning and development, in order to understand the most critical challenges facing cities today in both the Global North and the Global South.

Professor Phil Hubbard and colleagues led a project to understand ‘micro apartments’ geographies. These apartments are defined as below the standards considered normal for UK housing, and have become a growing urban housing feature in the country.

The King’s Geography team designed a short documentary exploring the project.

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 has shed more light on the problem of small homes in London. Those living in lockdown have struggled with physical and mental health when living in small homes with little opportunity for combining living, working and leisure space.

This has meant that while there is constant pressure to build more homes, we need to ensure that these are decent homes. Future work on this project will include making recommendations for policy-makers based on further assessment of the negative impacts of small homes for their occupiers.

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