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31 August 2022

NMES academic promotions

New readers and senior lecturers in NMES


Congratulations to colleagues from the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences who have been promoted to the positions of Reader and Senior Lecturer. This is testament to their excellence in research and education in their subject areas.


Dr John Armstrong (Mathematics)

Dr Rita Borgo (Informatics)

Dr Wayne Dickson (Physics)

Dr Christopher McCabe (Physics)

Dr Manuel Müller (Chemistry) - Proleptic Reader

Dr Mohammad Reza Nakhai (Engineering)

Dr Odinaldo Rodrigues (Informatics)


Senior Lecturer

Dr Oya Celiktutan  (Engineering)

Dr Blanka Horvath (Mathematics)

Dr Steve Lester (Mathematics)

Dr Yijing Li (Informatics)

Dr Izaak Neri (Mathematics)

Dr Aliaksandra Rakovich (Physics)

Dr Eamonn Reading (Chemistry)

Dr Petr Slovak (Informatics)

Dr Furqaan Yusaf (Physics)

Dr Amelle Zaïr (Physics)


Commenting on the latest promotion round, Professor Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, said:

“I am proud that colleagues from all five of our departments have been successful in meeting the university’s rigorous promotions criteria, demonstrating academic excellence. My congratulations and thanks to each of them.”

In this story

Bashir Al-Hashimi

Bashir M. Al-Hashimi

Vice President (Research & Innovation)

Dr John Armstrong

John Armstrong

Reader in Financial Mathematics

Dr Rita Borgo

Rita Borgo

Head of Human Centred Computing Group

Dr Wayne Dickson

Wayne Dickson

Reader in Physics

Dr Christopher McCabe

Christopher McCabe

Reader in Physics

Dr Manuel Müller

Manuel Müller

Proleptic Reader and Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow

Dr Mohammad Reza Nakhai

Mohammad Reza Nakhai

Reader in Telecommunications


Odinaldo Rodrigues

Reader in Artificial Intelligence

Dr Oya Celiktutan

Oya Celiktutan

Senior Lecturer in Engineering (Robotics)

Steve Lester

Steve Lester

Senior Lecturer in Number Theory

Dr Yijing Li

Yijing Li

AEP Senior Lecturer in Urban Informatics

Izaak Neri

Izaak Neri

Senior Lecturer in Disordered Systems

Dr Aliaksandra Rakovich

Aliaksandra Rakovich

Senior Lecturer

Dr Eamonn Reading

Eamonn Reading

Senior Lecturer and UKRI Future Leader Fellow

Dr Petr Slovak

Petr Slovak

Senior Lecturer

Dr Furqaan Yusaf

Furqaan Yusaf

Senior Lecturer

Dr Amelle Zaïr

Amelle Zaïr

Senior Lecturer