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Department of Informatics Past Colloquia


We have had a wide array of visitors (and local academics) present their research at our colloquia. Below, we list many of the speakers we have been pleased to host.

Previous years' speakers

  • Dr Tim Harris, Oracle Labs: Rethinking the stack for distributed runtime systems
  • Dr Guido Bugmann, University of Plymouth: Gait and Artificial Vision for Humanoid Robots
  • Dr Kevin Lano, King's College London: Verification Techniques for Model Transformations
  • Professor Veronique Perdereau, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6: HANDLE and beyond - advances in in-hand manipulation
  • Arturo Bejar, Facebook: Adventures in supporting the people who use Facebook
  • Dr Rahul Savani, Liverpool University: Finding Nash equilibria in bimatrix games
  • Professor Andreas Albrecht, Middlesex University: Computational Aspects of MicroRNA Target Prediction
  • Dr Alex Kissinger, University of Oxford:  String Graph Rewriting and Free Monoidal Categories
  • Steve Phelps, University of Essex: Emergence of social networks via direct and indirect reciprocity
  • Peter Lewis, University of Birmingham: Engineering Self-Aware and Self-Expressive Systems
  • Davide Grossi, University of Liverpool: Abstract argumentation and modal logic
  • Golnaz Badkobeh, King's College London: Fewest repetitions vs maximal-exponent powers in infinite binary words
  • Nathan Griffiths, University of Warwick: Decentralised Cooperation: Coping with Cheaters in Tag-Based Cooperation
  • Luke Chen, Computer Science Research Institute, University of Ulster
    Ontology-driven activity modelling, recognition and learning in smart homes
  • John Zeleznikow, Victoria University
    Developing fair negotiation support systems
  • Francis Chin, University of Hong Kong
    Conserved Patterns in Bioinformatics
  • Wayne Hayes, University of California
    Extracting structure from galaxy images
  • Thibaut Balabonski, Université Paris Diderot
    Sharing and Pattern Matching
  • Slinger Roijackers, Utrecht University
    On the Role of Software Platform Architecture for Product Success in Software Ecosystems
  • Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer, ETH Zürich
    On the advice complexity of online problems
  • Michael Gabbay, King's College London
    A simple calculus in which logic and computation have equal standing
  • Temitope Onunkun, King's College London
    An Information Flow Analysis of B Specifications and Refinements
  • Daniel Paulusma, Durham University
    Fast exact algorithms for hamiltonicity in claw-free graphs
  • Kostas Stathis, Royal Holloway, University of London
    Distributed Agent Environments in the Ambient Event Calculus
  • Jan Reichelt, Mendeley Research Networks
    Mendeley - A for Research?
  • Katie Atkinson, University of Liverpool
    Arguments, Values and Baseballs
  • Mohammed Abdullah, King's College London
    The cover time of a random graph with a given degree distribution
  • Gregory Kucherov, CNRS LIlle (France) and J.-V.Poncelet Lab, Moscow (Russia)
    Efficient seeding techniques for protein similarity search
  • William Langdon, King's College London
    Interpreting a genetic programming population with nVidia C++ CUDA
  • Diane Donovan, University of Queensland
    Change Detection via Spectral Analysis in Dynamic Enterprise Networks
  • Simon Miles, King's College London
    Contract-based Systems for Cross-Organisational Applications
  • Richard Paige, University of York
    Model Management with Epsilon (and Cartoons)
  • Kecheng Liu, University of Reading
    Pragmatic Web - A Semiotic Perspective to Web Applications
  • Seyyed Shah, University of Birmingham
    Multi-level Model Transformation via tracing data
  • Martin Mann, University of Freiburg, Germany
    Constraint-based prediction of optimal structures in 3D HP models and applications
  • John N. Crossley, Monash University
    Tiered logic for agents
  • Luca Chiarabini, Ludwig Maximilians Universität
    Program Development by Proof Transformation: Recent Evolutions
  • Johan G. Granström, Uppsala Universitet
    On the representation of values of function type
  • Stephane Vialette, University Paris-Est, Marne la vallee
    Finding pairwise-disjoint 2-intervals with respect to geometric constraints
  • Murdoch Gabbay, Herriot-Watt University
    The nature of Sets in Computer Science
  • Vaughan Pratt, Stanford University
    Affine algebra: numbers from geometry
  • Jimmy Lee, The Chinese University Hong Kong
    Solving the Salinity Control Problem in a Potable Water System
  • Francis Y. L. Chin, The University of Hong Kong
    Online Frequency Assignment Problem in Cellular Network Communication
  • Peter H. Schmitt, Universität Karlsruhe
    Formal Verification of Object-oriented Software
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